Eat Your Herbal and Herbs Fresh!

Fresh herbals mean more enzymes, minerals and vitamins. These strengthen the body so the body can heal itself.

Ashitaba/Tomorrow Leaf 

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Two (2) dark leaves a day followed by drinking water little by little maintains good health. To maximize the benefits, do not drink coffee, tea or anything with caffeine within 4 hours. This will help in regular bowel movement which will clean the colon.

This herbal helps normalize cholesterol levels, normalize high or low blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, asthma, kidney, diarrhea, vomiting, fertility problem, rheumatism, hemorrhoids among others. Ashitaba contains Vitamin B12 that promotes the immune system so as to fight off serious disorders like cancer. So if there are health concerns, 2 leaves in the morning and 2 leaves at night is advisable.

Two cancer patients shared with me that Ashitaba is a big help to maintain their normal blood platelets. Also, one dengue victim with low platelet increased her platelet and got cured one hour after eating 2 dark green leaves.

Ashitaba came from Hachijo Island, Japan. Ashitaba is also called Gynura because it has a genus originating from Indonesia and Malaysia. It is also called Tomorrow Leaf because once you get a leaf, a small bud appears the next day. You can also mix it in your food as a vegetable.

Customers relieved of ailments would buy again and give Ashitaba as gifts. One customer was so happy to share to me that he gave an 86-year old with a ashen leg due to diabetes. After eating the fresh leaves (4 leaves for healing), his leg went back to normal.



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Fresh basil helps loosen stuffy nose due to allergic rhinitis or sinusitis. It relieves cough as well. I put it in my toast.


Gotu Kola

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The traditional name here in the Philippines for Gotu Kola is Takip Kohol because its leaf’s size is enough to cover a small edible shell called kohol. As soon as I wake up, I eat seven (7) leaves of this together with two (2) Ashitaba leaves and drink water sip by sip to improve absorption. (Healing Powers of Water by Dr. Ramaiah).

This is good for the memory and youthfulness, the heart, psoriasis, the prostate, cellulite and varicose veins and many more.

Java Mint/Spear Mint

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Mint helps loosen mucus and relieves cough. This can be eaten for fresh breath or even flavor chocolate, candies, ice cream and even cookies.


Blog HydroponicsLettuce

This is a leafy vegetable popularly used for salad or in sandwiches. The Romaine, a dark green variety, and Lolla Rossa, the red and green variety, is rich in Pro-vitamin A and Vitamin C, silicon, sulfur, chlorine and Vitamin B complex. Sulfur and chlorine are called lung cleansers.

This is a product of hydroponics. My husband, Romy, planted the lettuce in a small makeshift pot with organic soil over another makeshift pot with water. As the lettuce grows, some of the roots protrude out of the soil and go to the water, maintaining its hydration.


Blog Peppermint

Fresh leaves can be eaten as relief for cough, colds, headache. And yes, it freshens breath.


1 Blog Serpentina

This is a bitter plant effective for diabetes and stomach ache.


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