Drug Delivery and Formulation

Increasingly focus on developing and delivering to the success of the current pharmaceutical industry and new to offer. This is a general increase in competition through the area of clinical research, discovered that the new drug entities, and commercial pressure to support the drug to produce. For the progress and success of current drugs and medicines for the pharmaceutical industry, many organizations focus on the formulation and delivery. It is believed that the foregoing is a growing number of competitors in clinical trials, where new needs of new medicines in the commercial and where the new drug entities showed a further increase.

World Drug Delivery and Formulation 2010 is an event that takes place this year, both for science and guidelines are currently participating in the formulation and development, barriers that are currently in consultation.

Scientists and professionals in the development and delivery of the fields in a position to be held on specific topics in the industry, where visitors can participate in the assembly of his greatest interest

The following topics will be discussed in different sessions:

– The development of small molecule – the solubility and bioavailability, in order to improve
– Organic development – improving the stability and the prevention of aggregation
– The combinations of drugs at home – to the potential of new drug delivery technologies to evaluate

The possibility of these meetings and networking with like-minded colleagues on this two day event to provide participants with useful information and facts related to drug delivery and formulation. The agenda of the meeting one-on-one offers the possibility of leading experts and solution providers in the drug formulation and delivery, the valuable knowledge that can make employers to improve working conditions, processes are in place.

Drug development is increasingly outsourced to suppliers, such as targeted drug delivery companies are hiring more and more in R & D and commercialization. This happened for a while and CRO are also struggling with a promise of biotechnology companies do not have the facilities, more opportunities , in turn, provided in the pharmaceutical industry outsourcing grows. Drug.

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