Do You Drink Water Sip By Sip?

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Water should be sipped and chewed in the mouth, mixing it with saliva.
Water is the best drink. It is at its best when in the form of natural cold and hot water.  Natural cold water, as mentioned in the ‘Healing Powers of Water’, is not the coldness from the refrigerator nor ice. Natural cold water promotes secretion of toxins from the skin and increases excretion of poison through the urine by the kidney.  Hot water, meanwhile, stimulates the inner lining of the stomach, contracts blood vessels, and lessens the secretion of acids from the glands.
There is no substitute for water. We should drink more plain water often to provide our bodies rehydration so as to function effectively.
On the other hand, dehydration is an excessive loss of water that causes imbalance of Sodium, Potassium and Chloride, which restricts supply to the vital organs.  Signs of dehydration are thirst, loss of skin elasticity, dry skin, decreased urine, irritability, confusion caused by excessive sweating, fever, diarrhea, or vomiting. It is important to note also that some conditions do not manifest by thirst but through stomach pains after eating, chest pain, joint pain, headache and even backache.
Also, dehydration causes stress. Stress, in turn, causes further dehydration.
Depression also decreases water in the brain due to the exaggerated feeling of sadness, worthlessness, rejection, etc. Water is very important factor in the brain because it generates electrical energy.
Whether the state of mind is stress or depression, the body does not recognize its difference and level.  Thus, the body tends to secrete higher amounts of hormones during dehydration.  Some hormones are:
  1. Endorphins – These are produced by the pituitary glands.  These hormones reduce pain but too much of it may affect normal pain reaction.
  2. Cortisone – This is a chemical compound produced by the liver.  Prolonged action of this depletes body water reserves.
  3. Prolactin – This hormone is produced by the pituitary glands for milk production. Increased secretion due to chronic dehydration can cause breast tumour.
  4. Vasopressin- This is secreted by the pituitary glands.  This is one of the hormones that distribute water to vital organs.  When there is dehydration, more cells dutifully produce vasopressin to be able to regulate water.
There are drinks that suppress secretion of this hormone such as alcohol, coffee, tea and aerated drinks.  Thus these fluids can cause dehydration in some organs of the body.
There are some illnesses that can be controlled if water is drunk properly such as:
High blood pressure – Adequate water can delay onset or reduce its severity.
Asthma and allergies – People with asthma produce more histamine in the lungs which cause constriction of the air passages and coughing due to thick mucus secretions. Constriction of air passages cause loss of water.  Proper drinking of 10 glasses of water or more reduces histamine production just in a few weeks because of adequate supply of water in all body cells.
Imagine, the simple drinking slowly can relieve many of our ailments!  But when I read that water should be sipped little by little, I had to unlearn my drinking habits.  Yet, it is still a continuous challenge.
Below is a list of WHEN NOT TO DRINK WATER as specified by Dr. Ramaiah.

1. While eating – It will affect the chewing of the food and secretion of saliva. Water leaves the stomach in 5 to 10 minutes of drinking it and brings along some   of the food.  Too much water can cause indigestion. It is best to drink water with empty stomach 1 ½ hours before meals and 3 hours after meals.

2. Avoid drinking with straw for water or any fluid.

Another way of water intake is in China Daily (, the WATER DRINKING TABLE. It suggests drinking water 30 minutes before breakfast 8 oz. or 250 cc. of water to clean the liver and kidney. Then, practically every two hours to moisturize the body, keep focus and decrease work-related stress and 30 minutes to one hour before sleeping to prevent blood clots.
Happy water drinking!  Cheers for health and beauty!
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