Discover Heart Problems and Panic Attacks


One of the most misunderstood types of mental illnesses are panic attacks. Yes panic attacks is considered a mental illness and the medical community has labeled it this way so you need to be able to accept the terminology. No worries though, its the number one most prevasive mental illness in the world affecting millions of people.
There are many symptoms that people have with panic attacks including those that feel as if you have heart problems.
Also people who have heart problems can also have panic attacks. That’s why you should get checked out by a doctor if you have continued irregular heartbeats or heart palpitations.
But just to let you know it’s very common for people who have panic attacks to have heart palpitations meaning that your heart skip beats or irregular heartbeats.
It’s also very common as one of the symptoms of panic attacks to have tightness in your chest or tingling sensation in your arms.
Millions of people every year are rushed to the hospital experiencing what seems to be “heart problems” only to be turned away or treated indicating that they’re having symptoms of a panic attack.
Having a panic attack with heart problems symptoms can be one most terrifying thing that a person could ever experience.
Because of this terrifying experience of a panic heart attack many people are left with extreme fear that their going to have another panic attack. So they become fixated on when and where their next panic attack will strike them.
They become trapped in their own world of a perpetual loop of fear that plays on their mindset.
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