Also for Flatulence, Colic, Stomach Disorders & Breast Milk Production


Dill grows into a tree if grown on the ground. It is a biennial plant, which means its life is good for two years. Small dill plants will grow surrounding the tree. This maybe be transplanted.  Its scientific name is Anethum Graveolens.   It is also used decorative plant. 

As a medicinal herbal, it can be taken as tea or eaten fresh for flatulence, colic and stomach disorders.  It helps in breast milk production.

As a kitchen herb, the chopped dill can be used as topping for rice with garlic and onion.  Chopped dill can flavor boiled potatoes and other vegetables.  Dill is at its best when picked from the garden when it is needed as topping.  It has a tendency to lose its flavor if kept for some time.
Care For Your Dill:

This herb wants full sun, daily watering and monthly organic fertilizer.

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