Detoxifying the body and foods that help the detoxification process


What is detoxification? Detoxification is a process to dump toxic aka dangerous substances (Toxic) in the human body. Toxic or harmful substances tibuh are sourced from many causes such as food that we consume, the air we breathe and so on. Process detiksifikasi on the body actually has happened naturally by the human body’s ability to remove the harmful substances through the sweat coming out of skin pores, urination, and defecation. Although the body has been equipped with the ability to Detox, but it turns out there are many ways to help the detoxification process by consuming certain foods.

Detoksifikasi Tubuh dan Makanan Yang Membantu Proses Detoksifikasi

Supporting Food Detoxification
Foods contain many different substances. Different foods have different substances naturally. There are foods that streamline the process of detoxification, but there are also foods that it prevented it. The following are some of the foods that contain substances that can streamline the process of detoxification of the body:

White water; white water does have many benefits to the human body. Benefits of white water that so much is thus in fact not above begging. Bnanyak people prefer taking the drug and supplement each day but less drinking water that in fact contain substances that detoxify the body and also launched a process of metaolisme in the human body. Drinking water approximately 2-3 litres a day to make the body become more fit and healthy, but don’t drink the water at the time of eating. Drink after or before.
Green Vegetables; There are many vegetables that we know. There are also many colors of vegetables. The colors seen on leaf vegetables the substances contained in it. Well the vegetables that are able to launch the process of detoxification of the body is a vegetable that has a green color. Leafy green vegetables have a high alkaline nature capable of ridding the body of toxins and other harmful substances, other than it’s Greens have substance chlorella which able to increase oxygen levels in the blood.
Petreseli leaves and coriander; leaf parsley is often that we often consume lot of turns out to contain mercury that can be digested in the body, in addition it also contains a lot of chlorophyll which is able to increase oxygen levels in the blood. So too with coriander, both have alkaline properties as explained above.
The lime juice; lime juice also contains alkali to the body, even much more useful. Lemon water is helpful in liver detoxification process. We know that the human heart has an important role in filtering out toxins that enter the body.

Avocado; as in our previous article about the benefits of avocado fruit for health body has explained its benefits so much avocado. There have also been described contents in this fruit. Avocado fruit contains a lot of fat and Omega 3 which is able to reduce inflammation and to launch the process of digestion. Consuming this fruit is no exaggeration will help the process of detoxification of the body.
That’s some foods and substances contained in it that is able to help the process of detoxification of the body. In addition to utilizing food or substances above, the process of detoxifying the body can also be supported by doing regular exercise that took out a lot of sweat. Because we know that almost half of the toxins in the body are released through the pores of the skin. In addition to sports, it is worth a try is to do a sauna which is also able to help detoxify the body.

So this article on detoxification, many lack we apologize and hope this article is helpful for those of you who read.

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