Dangers of Salt Toxicity

Observed in most restaurants, each table, please note that you have a small salt pan. Ship and pepper season is possible. Salt is the overestimation of the function is not an important source of food preservative. Fat, carbohydrates, protein, but not much heats the sodium-containing body in the transmission of nerve impulses important. Usually in the 140 mmol / 130 from the body of the wide range of sodium hydroxide From 1500 to the recommended daily dose is 2000 mg. “Journey to the West” restaurant and passengers has been shown that sodium to the fastest, to charm his. Belong to the region of 4000-5000 mg of space!

Our typical diet, beef is cut and holds loads … Bacon, soy sauce, sausage, diced salt too often. In modern society, the rapid preparation of a great love and canning salt these foods and high salt content, the increase of certain diseases in developing countries, such as the risk of heart disease.

This is not to our taste buds; you can adjust the salt, this unfortunate effort. In this study, our ancestors were salt, eat much of a problem within a disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer has been detected. Because salt is important toxic bodily functions, if there is a high salt toxicity.

The Toxicity of salt on the body follows.

The more fat cells in the body

Therefore, the hardening of the arteries of the second body, restricting the blood flow in arteries

Third, blood pressure.

Fourth hope to strengthen.

Fifth kidney revision increases the risk of kidney stones.

Sixth promote coronary artery disease.

Seventh, human metabolism slows itself.

Eighth, to increase the risk of stomach cancer. Under normal circumstances, smoked fish, how to obtain a cured product for consumption. Japan now has a maximum rate of stomach cancer.

Nine development of diabetes.

You may need to reduce salt intake on these issues. You’ll be able to break the vicious circle to consume more salt, salt, try to be more than needed to break. You can replace the salt block salt natural herbs, ginger, mint, garlic, onions, bell pepper contains Sun this is the desire to reduce the salt, it may be 21 days. The secret of maintaining a healthy, visit the following website.

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