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Description of plant: Rashad grass around me rise up to 40 cm leg many branching, and leaves the lower sustentacular lobed feathery and upper sessile full, floral heavy white color and fruit Krdlip and seeds are smooth and small structure to reddish color and part of the plant used all of its parts.
Plant known by several names including crafts and Ivae known as grain or seeds on behalf of Rashad.


Scientific name: plant known scientifically as Cresson or Lepidium sativum of the platoon crusade Ctuci Ferae. 


Original home of the plant: The Middle East is home to native vegetation and there is a lot, especially in Syria in the Golan and Horan, be natural or planted. Also grows significantly cultivated in Turkey.


Chemical content: Rashad contains many minerals are iron, phosphorus, manganese, iodine, calcium, arsenic, potassium and vitamins such as A, B, B b, e, c also contains, Korotinat and volatile oil and glucosidase. It is the most plant rich in iodine and this is what makes it easy to digest and contains iron, sulfur, calcium, phosphorus, manganese and arsenic, which is rich in vitamin “C” = “C” in which a small percentage of the vitamin “A” and “b” and “PP” and beta carotene, Recent studies indicate it contains the element of antibiotics microbicides.

Rashad and love is important to the vitality of the body in general may be used to activate the dosing sexuality. It contains vitamin Tcouvrol It is similar to vitamin «e» (E) This vitamin plays a vital role for the activity of the body. 


What did he say about ancient medicine?

 MALE Akzinfon historian and commander of the Greek and amongst that the historical young Persians when they go to the gala, or in a military campaign were eating Rashad on the slices of bread, and came in the news which has been done on King St. Lewis that while it is in the village of Vernon, France suffered thirst highly requested something to drink introduced to Rashad power found in a great moisturizer, allowing for the people of this village that Inakecoa on the theme of the village as three bundles of Rashad as well as three flowers of the Golden Lily. In the era of the Renaissance was the vegetable vendors who walk around in Paris carrying Rashad are calling «the people with good taste and non-patients this is not the best of it for Authority».


The father of medicine Hippocrates describes Rashad to facilitate the secretion of sputum. And said that the famous Greek physician Jalnius «power like the power of mustard seeds in everything, and therefore heated by the pain of the hip and the head and was confused with other asthma medications». 

  greek cress


Iza said Ben Tarkhan: Ivae character is _ and the name of public love Rashad _ which heats and softens the belly and come out the worms and stir lust for sexual intercourse. If cooking with soup collection Ahsa _ _ out of curiosity of the chest, and holds the hair loss, and if dressing it with water and salt mature boils, and beneficial asthma and breathlessness and purifies the lung and generates menstruation. The drink from it after crushing weight of five dirhams hot water easier nature and analyzed the wind and use of pain colic cold, and if crushed and drink to benefit from leprosy and that tarnished him and Vitiligo White benefit them and benefit from headaches object from the cold and phlegm. And may Ibn al-Qayyim what the dipsomania without referring to him and more about Galen: his power like the power of right mustard so it may heated by the well-known women hip pain, headaches … 


Ibn Sina:

Character: essence: Deskoraydos said: best of what we saw from the tree of what the character is the land of Babylon and strength strongly similar to mustard and radish right and right was mustard and watercress together and paper is missing in his actions by the humidity of the dry boat If Mchaklth almost inflicted.

Copyright: hot, dry to the third.

Actions and properties: Heater analyst with maturation soften the dried pus scabies.

Tumors and warts: Good Albulgmi of the tumor with a dressing of salt water Dmamil.

Wounds and ulcers: beneficial to try and festering Alquabe with honey kerionic and slag off the Persian fire.

Machinery joints: benefit of sciatica and drink vinegar and dressings Soiq barley was congested by the sciatica may benefit, especially if the easiest thing is mixed with the blood of wholesome relaxation of all the nerves.

Members of the Chest: purifies the lung and benefit from asthma and is located in asthma medications and asthma Ehsaa taken to the Maver of slash-and mitigation.

Members of the food: Heat the stomach, liver and benefit thicken the spleen and especially if bandaged it with honey, a poorly prepared and it’s like to Yacob PBUH to the severity of the touching is unappetizing to eat and if you drink it Oksothaven vomit time and easy and do it three-quarters of the AED only.

Members of the Jerk: increases in the Beh and easily generate worms and menstrual and fall of the fetus.

Almgulw and it locked up, especially if you do not crush it stops to his wife crushed.

And benefit from colic but drink it four or five powder Dirhams AED hot water easier and analyzed the nature of the wind from the bowel.

Some of them said: The Babylonian if you drink it Oksothaven Kioha easier time, and has done three-quarters of the AED.

Rashad in modern medicine
And see Dr. Jean Valienh that Ivae tonic and Restorer and unappetizing, is useful for the treatment of anemia, and against the disease drilling, diuretic, expectorant and sedative, hypotensive, and tonic to the vitality of the hair follicles as it is applied Asarth on the scalp to prevent hair loss, treat skin ulcers.

Juicer papers taken by 60 _ 150 g with water or soup to expel worms and anti-poisoning and recommended capturing people with tired and fatigue and to pregnant and lactating women and patients to feel in the respiratory tract and skin, as in eczema, which is useful for bleeding hemorrhoids. The seeds will be well placed Mglleha or Menkuaha or powder to treat dysentery, diarrhea and skin diseases and splenomegaly, and manufactures as a powder analgesic for treatment of abdominal pain and pain pneumonia and other benefits as eating inside repellent and emmenagogue and aphrodisiac for women. 

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Benefits in ancient medicine and modern: Relay Assembly, aperitif, diuretic, repelling wind, the calming and reduced blood pressure, to strengthen sexual and hardness of self, for asthma and the evacuation of the chest of phlegm and nicotine, effective in breaking down the gravel and sand and anti-cancer and rheumatism, diabetes, and tuberculosis, is useful in skin diseases, and to purify the urine repellent poisons, against the flu and headaches. 

How to use: a cup of boiled Rashad morning and evening, and added it honey.

Rashad by the love of a «squalene» is useful; used as killer of bacteria and is also used as anti-tumor immunity, a tonic for the body or the body’s immune stimulant. So Valrashad generally Iwkhadd doses medium for a specified period .. Valmnasp is a teaspoon a day, (30) days. The frequent use, I warn them, either increase the size of the dose for a teaspoon of crushed love Rashad or increase the duration. Preferably taken without any additions to or only taken with honey or milk. We advise you not to eat during pregnancy, but taken immediately after birth and in quantities not exceeding the ideal dose, a teaspoon, as I said days and not more than a month. And the seriousness of increasing the dose is that love Rashad contains a compound «Abannzail ISO Tallosianid» This compound works on the inhibition of cancerous tumors in animals generally, including human. It is an inhibitor of bacteria and fungi. But if taken in excessive quantities it causes thyroid disease, and therefore, this disease frequently when women than in men, because women use love righteousness more than men and possibly overdose.


And eaten without cooking, where the fresh leaves are added to the authorities and soup with meat and fish as Appetizing, making it easier to digest. We must not add the salt to take advantage of its natural properties. According to the chlorophyll in the absorption of odors from the body, as the leaves producing milk when nursing.


Rashad .. Appetite and facilitates digestion and absorbs odors from the body

 D said. Jean Maln pilot plant medicine known that the constructive elements, known so far in the Rashad impact appetizer and tonic and Restorer, diuretic, reduced blood pressure, sedative, expectorant expectorant and emetic anti-cancer and against nicotine tonic to the vitality of the hair follicles.

It is used Rashad widely as used at home and abroad will be well placed from the inside of the diseases and disabilities loss of appetite for food and fat and lazy lymphatic and privations of blood, cold and diseases of the chest and skin diseases and gravel, liver, gall bladder and the imprisonment of urine, rheumatism, intestinal parasites and ascites.

Taken from inside 60 grams and placed in the fill cup hot or cold water and drink the cup the morning and another in the evening and to treat worms and toxins from the body. And take a teaspoon of Rashad with the twist as of sweet almond oil or olive oil for the treatment of custody urine. Boil a fist of Rashad and three links and the head wrapped in a liter of water and drink it three cups a day between meals for urinary .. And use the juice from the outside, where Rashad leaves rubbed the scalp to strengthen hair and stopping hair loss. Also be used for pumps of Rashad Almshon with water in the form of a paste to treat abscesses and acute inflammatory topical, and the room. It is used Rashad Gsola face of three parts of Rashad and part of honey applied to the face morning and night and wash after dry water stains and treatment costs in the face.

Rashad becomes eating for people with cardiovascular and nervous fatigue and exhaustion and to pregnant women and young children, diabetics and those allergies in the respiratory tract and those with eczema, skin diseases, a public benefit skin, hair and nails.

Rashad should not be used. By people with peanut allergies in the stomach, indigestion, weak urinary tract.

Because the Winter-Rashad plants must eat more branches Rashad tender with the Authority as it appetizing and facilitator for digestion, and the chlorophyll in it serve to absorb odors from the body.


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