Coronary Heart Disease in Women


women heart 1In most western countries, Coronary Heart Diseases are considered as the main cause of mortality in adults. Though a lot of people assume that coronary heart diseases affect only the male sex of the population, the truth is different. Through the last few years statistics are consistently showing an increase in the number of women who are being afflicted with cardiac ailments. Most doctors and coronary heart specialists are of the opinion that the modern way of life is responsible for the myocardial infractions that adults of both the sexes are experiencing. The lifestyle that most women lead is extremely stress inducing and the medical community believes that this is the root cause of so many of them are getting affected with serious coronary heart diseases.
With the female cases of CHD at an all time high, it is being predicted by the medical community that the already huge number of elderly patients who need medical care will further rise. Public policy will need to change significantly for taking these new numbers into account. Also, the requirement of more studies and researchers on women CHD patients is also increasing to a crescendo.
The issue of women’s health has always been neglected. Nowhere is this more visible that cardiology. It is as if this branch if medical science has been dedicated to men. It’s true that men are more affected with cardiac ailments than women but the latter sex needs special medical attention as well. And it’s high time it’s given to them.
In our country, coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in the female population. Most women lead extremely stressful lives. Not only do they manage the house and bring up the children (which were their traditional role), they now go out of the house to work and are often the bread winners of the family. Keeping up with all the various roles are affecting women’s hearts like never before. Add to this, a lack of good eating habits and prevalence of fast foods kills the body from within. Physical problems give rise to more stress in women’s lives. Preventing coronary heart diseases in women is a way of trying to educate them about how to keep stress away from their lives.
There are many hospitals and nursing homes which offer treatment to adults suffering from coronary heart diseases. Counseling, diagnosis and treatment: these are the 3 aspects that have to be kept in mind while dealing with women heart patients.
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