Coriander for Metal Detox

Coriander is mentioned in the Ebers Papyrus dated around 1550 BC.   This is also one of the oldest spices mentioned in the Egyptian documents 1000 years ago.  Its scientific name is Coriandrum Sativum. It is also called cilantro, coriander, or Wansoy (Chinese parsley).
 As a kitchen herb, it can be used as a dip for fried, broiled or steamed fish or meat by mixing leaves with onion, tomato and vinegar. It can also flavor noodles, salads, curry and Indian dishes.
For wellness, it is effective for flatulence, and nervous tension. The seeds act as digestive stimulant by increasing gastric juices. It is good for the kidney. It is a good metal detoxifier and is also referred as the “Poor Man’s Chelation” which removes aluminum, lead, mercury contamination trapped inside the body. (Visit Metals: Home Appliances and Heavy Metal Contaminationfrom Fish, Aluminum Cookers and Pans, and Coriander Detox.)
Coriander needs well-drained soil, full sun, watering every other day (or when partly dry) and organic fertilizer every month.  Its leaves are effective pesticides. (Visit How to Care for your Herbal and Herbs for more information.)
Em-Em Tinasas, MBA
The Gardener


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