Common ailments supported by essential oil use

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Category Condition Oils Method of use
Skin Acne LAV,ROM,TEA, Facial steam, lotions/creams
Skin Alopecia LAV,ROM,THY Shampoo
Menstruation Amenorrhoea CLA,MAR,GER, Bath,compress,lotion/cream
Joints Arthitis – osteo JUN,LEM,BLA Bath,compress,lotion/cream
Joints Arthritis – rheumatoid JUN,LEM,BLA Bath,compress,lotion/cream
Cardio-vascular Asthma LAV,CLA,FRA, Bath,inhalation,lotion/cream
Skin Athletes foot LAV,TEA,MYR Footbath/lotion/cream
Skin Bruise LAV,ROM,THY Cold compress,lotion/cream
Cardio-vascular Catarhh EUC,TEA,CED Inhalation,lotion/cream
Skin Cellulite GER,GRA,JUN Bath,lotion/cream,massage
Skin Chilblains BER,MAR,SAN Footbath/lotion/cream
Cardio-vascular Colds and flu EUC,TEA,PEP Inhalation, lotion/cream
Skin Cold sore TEA,BER,LAV Neat/vodka
Muscles Cramp MAR,BAS,GIN Bath,lotion/cream,massage
Genito-urinary Cystitis LAV,TEA,JUN Bath,hot compress
Nervous Depression JAS,NER,ROS Bath,lotion/cream,massage
Gastro-intestinal Diarrhoea CHG,GIN,PEP Bath,compress,lotion/cream
Menstruation Dysmenorrhoea CLA,MAR,ROM Bath,compress,lotion/cream
Skin Eczema LAV, GER,CHR Bath,compress,lotion/cream
Other Fever EUC,LEG,PEP Bath cool,cool compress,
Joints Gout BAS,PIN,JUN Foot bath,cold compress, lotion/cream
Nervous Headache LAV,MAR,PEP Inhalation, compress,lotion/cream
Cardio-vascular Hypertension LAV,MAR,YLA Bath, massage
Cardio-vascular Hypotension ROM,PEP,PIN Bath,massage
Gastro-intestinal Indigestion MAR,PEP,YLA Bath,compress,lotion/cream
Skin Insect bite/sting CHA,LAV,PEP Bath,compress,lotion/cream
Nervous Insomnia LAV,MAR,VET Bath,compress,lotion/cream
Gastro-intestinal Irritable bowel sydrome CLA,MER,YLA Bath,compress,lotion/cream
Throat Laryngitis LAV,TEA,ROW Inhalation,compress,lotion/cream
Menstruation Menopause CLA,GER,NER Bath,compress,lotion/cream
Menstruation Menorrhagia GER,LEM,MEL Bath,compress,lotion/cream
Nervous Migraine LAV,PEP,MAR Cold compress, warm compress
Nervous Neuralgia LAV, CLA,CHR Compress,
Other Oedema GER,ROM,GRA Bath,compress,
Skin Psoriasis LAV, BER, CHR Bath,compress,lotion/cream
Other Raynauds disease LAV,GER,BLA Bath,compress,lotion/cream
Nervous Sciatica LAV,CHR,ROM Bath,compress,lotion/cream
Nervous Shock LAV,MEL,PEP Inhalation
Skin Sinusitis LAV,EUC,TEA Inhalation,compress,lotion/cream
Muscles Sprain LAV,CHA,BLA Cold compress
Nervous Stress LAV,FRA,MAR Bath,compress,lotion/cream
Skin Sunburn LAV,CHA Bath,compress,lotion/cream
Genito-urinary Thrush LAV,MYR,TEA Bath,lotion/cream
Throat Tonsilitis LAV,TEA,LEM Inhalation,warm compress,
Skin Varicose veins LAV,CYP,JUN Cold compress,lotion/cream
Skin Wart/Verucca LEM,TEA,JUN Bath,compress,lotion/cream
Other Nausea PEP,GIN Bath,compress,lotion/cream

Information is supplied for educational purposes only.  If you are ill see your doctor who may
recommend a referral to an aromatherapist.

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