Cold Weather and Asthma

astWith the cold winter, the arrival of asthma, we need to verify that they are fully prepared to pay special attention in winter. Asthma UK charity cold, because there are many asthma patients and healthy, a potential trigger in the UK 5.4 million.

If your asthma symptoms are often a bad cold or flu, we also include the temperature is lowered, please refer to the inpatient treatment of asthma has increased significantly. However, if asthma is very careful to deal with their illness, you should be able to afford the decision-making and tolerance to avoid asthma symptoms, asthma severity of the winter is.

I’m looking in the general practice physician or nursing staff, with respect to drugs, to assess them in the necessary changes. This is your employees and Asthma Action Plan requirements, including your medical information to determine if your asthma condition worsened to control the symptoms, as they contain important information, which is known to contain access emergency measures. Last year, a new study, if you do not, we recommend that you consult with your doctor’s appointment, as soon as possible.

Fifth, to avoid the cold weather tips for asthma attacks

• Even if you do not feel the need to check with your doctor for regular use of preventive medications Preventive medicine is designed for daily use to prevent attacks.
• Cold and asthma, that’s a good idea, because if you leave one or two before that inhalation of spray
to then check inhaler – all of them.  

Mouth and nose with a scarf at check-out 
• It helps you warm up the cold air inhalation
· Before the exercise, at least 10 minutes warm-up prior to exercise in the cold outside two you breathe spray, make sure you have a good idea.

After asthma attack

If breathing difficulties, cough, asthma, when it was discovered it was difficult to say with the breast, can be used for asthma attacks. To try to sit still, it is important breathing slowly and evenly. Train twelve inhaled you soon.

If you have your help

If you do not help, nor need their inhaler two trains every two minutes. You must be a maximum of 10 trains. The symptoms do not improve after 5 or 10 minutes if you and your breathing, you should try to help. If you are afraid, if you attack, contact emergency services when the ambulance 15 minutes later, waiting for a sentence or two inhalers. Asthma.

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