Chinese Medicine May Provide Help Against The H1N1 Virus


dreamstimefree 6223961By: Cathy Margolin L.A.c.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is used by more than 3 billion people in the world.As temperatures begin to drop and winter approaches the seasonal flu and H1N1 cases begin to spread. There may be another alternative to Tamiflu & flu vaccines to battle the virus.

Hong Kong based Rorric Bio-Technology Ltd. believes it may be able to offer a less invasive cure to H1N1 using Chinese Medicine. The Chairman of R&B Dr. Chow Ching-Fung says, “This formula is effective in two ways. First it combats and eliminates the virus. Second, it boosts the immune system, helping the patient to become stronger. Traditional Chinese medicine has a long history of being proven to have fewer side effects, as it uses herbal ingredients. But western medicine contains a mixture of chemicals from the manufacturing process. So the risks are higher.”

The formula is made of up 21 Chinese herbs. Dr. Chow says he has prescribed the formula to 100 patients suspected of contracting taking H1N1 and they have fully recovered after taking the formula. It’s currently in a powder form, but Dr. Chow says there may be a pill version in the future. Tests at the Wu Han Institute of Virology show that the formula is not only effective on H1N1 but also against other mutated forms of influenza A. Tests continue on 300 patients. If successful it will be the first Chinese Herbal prescription drug to cure H1N1.

Video interview of Dr. Chow on Chinese herbal formula for H1N1 flu watch here
. 3 min.

* The Chinese Herbs used in the formula weren’t disclosed, maybe because it’s still in testing phase.

Cathy Margolin is a Licensed Acupuncturist in CA. She specializes in Chinese Herbs and her company caries high potency herbal products.

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