2 dreamstimefree 2070125sleepingbunnyChinese Medicine is not a well known treatment option for insomnia, but it is effective nonetheless. In my Chicago practice, I have great success treating people who suffer from insomnia with acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas. If you have experienced sleeplessness, you know that having chronic sleep problems affects every aspect of your life.

I recently came across this article in which a travel writer describes her own struggle with sleeplessness. You can read it when you are up at 3 AM wandering your home but don’t call me until 8 AM.

Ancient Chinese Secret May Help Overcome Jet Lag and Insomnia

By Allison Neves for HealthNewsDigest.com
Aug 4, 2009

“As a travel writer, I find myself in and out of different time zones a handful of times each year. I’ve had my occasional bouts with jetlag and usually, within a day or so, all is right with the world and my internal time clock has acclimated. I’ve never experienced anything major when it comes to sleep issues until a trip to London last winter. During that time, I was stuck in what seemed to be a perpetual limbo of two full weeks of sleepless misery. Ever since that trip, my sleep has been an issue. I thought I had tried EVERYTHING… that is until a friend of mine mentioned acupuncture.

I had tried acupuncture treatments in the past for facial rejuvenation and chronic neck pain. Both treatments were successful. But I guess it never occurred to me that this ancient Chinese secret just might be the cure to my current ailment.”

“After my appointment, I felt calm, relaxed, centered and, well… I guess, balanced? … if that makes sense. So, why did that work? What happened?”

Byron (her acupuncturist) explains, “For conditions such as jet lag or insomnia there is a biological disruption in the body. The body’s internal clock has been kicked out of gear and basically needs help getting back on track. The acupuncture needles are used stimulate key points within the body and assist in correcting the body’s natural flow of energy.”

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