Characteristic feature of HIV AIDS


Characteristic features of HIV-AIDS is very hard to know. There is no characteristic physical features of HIV-AIDS specific to the patient, because the disease HIV AIDS attacks the immune system, a feature that seems so common in most types of disease. Physical symptoms typically seen during infection appears on stage. The form is also not different from those affected by the disease but not for HIV, such as tuberculosis, Kaposi’s sarcoma, swollen lymph nodes, etc.. For a definite diagnosis necessary investigations such as blood tests to determine the presence of the HIV virus. Almost all common laboratory can, but should first consult with a doctor who used to treat HIV patients.

Characteristic feature of HIV in general

Characteristic features of HIV patients usually get, such as:

  • In patients who have AIDS will seem sluggish, lethargic and weak. Vulnerable to all sorts of diseases.
  • In the phase of weight, people with AIDS will look very thin, dilated pupils, weak and feeble will lie waiting to die.

Characteristic features of HIV-AIDS is a person may experience decreased immunity or immunity, for example, we can see if someone is infected with mild flu-like illness that the recovery will be in the long term. If the patient is at an advanced stage so it will be very vulnerable to developing complications of HIV disease. Such as diarrhea, respiratory infections, skin blisters, weight loss continues to decrease, so people looked thin and dry.

A person can be infected if he had sexual intercourse, in turn, both heterosexual and homosexual increasingly vulnerable to transmit to others. Transfusion of infected blood from a syringe or from mother to child suffer.

These characteristic features of HIV in adults in general:

  1. Dry cough or flu that do not heal
  2. Tersa skin itching all over the body
  3. Herpes zoster (like chicken pox, or caused by viruses that also cause chicken pox, herpes virus) that also does not heal
  4. Swollen glands (in the neck, armpit, or groin) with or without active infection.
  5. Candidiasis, the white markings (rash) of the mouth, tongue, or throat

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