Cat Fur Danger to Your Health


Cat Fur Danger to Your Health – Maybe some of my friends there who ask about the dangers of cat hair for women. Through this article will explain a little about your question is, I hope this post later with your questions will be answered and can be beneficial.

Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite that is found in dogs and cats kotoron. These parasites can cause disease toxoplasmosis. If pregnant women are exposed to and suffer from this disease, the consequences could be fatal, miscarriage or birth defects.

Toxoplasma parasite is also found in animals such as dogs, rats or pigs. However, among all the animals, the parasite Toxoplasma only cat breed in the body and can come out with feces, in the form of an egg.

As a result of direct contact with the cat, stroking and forget to wash your hands afterwards or smell cat fur where the fur was sticking parasite eggs was also one of the causes of transmission of Toxoplasma gondii.

For women who keep the cat and are planning a pregnancy or are pregnant, you should not keep the cat or away from it for a while. Because, when pregnant women infected with Toxoplasma, can be bad for the fetus. If I hit in the early trimester miscarriage can occur or fetal death, and if the pregnancy continues, it can cause defects in the baby from moderate to severe.

For pregnant women themselves, toxoplasmosis symptoms except sometimes when it does not affect the immune system is decreased because this parasite is imunokompromais, which can arise fatigue, flu, headache, or fever.

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