Cat Flu Disease and How Handling


Cat Flu Disease and How Handling – Cat flu is a disease caused by a virus cats Feline Herpesviruses, Caliciviruses, Chlamydiosis Feline, Feline Mycoplasma, and bacterial infections. Type virus is not contagious to humans.

Cat flu is caused by viruses can also cause ‘eye belekan’ or conjuctivitis although specific flu symptoms have not appeared, such as sneezing, nasal mucus, fever, thrush cat, and strep throat, causing loss of appetite in cats.

Cat flu infection spreads through saliva, sneezing fluids, contact with contaminated equipment, or from chemicals. The incubation period can be up to 3 weeks, meaning a cat may show no symptoms until 3 weeks of the flu virus attack.

Handling of cat flu need the full attention of the owner or an authorized veterinarian. There is currently no cure flu special cats sold in the market, as you can prevent routine vaccinations while the cat is in good health. Vaccinations given before 3 months old cat.

Until now there is no cure for cat flu. So, see a veterinarian immediately if these symptoms occur on your cat. Provision of drugs such as antibiotics to prevent secondary infection is more caused by bacteria. Other drugs that are given are usually aimed at reducing the symptoms of the flu such as lowering the heat, relieve respiratory airways and eliminate excessive mucus. The rest depends on the cat’s immune system itself.

In cats with good conditions and nutrition, the flu will recover on their own in 2-3 weeks. Although the cat will not eat, try to have food that enters the body by being fed, so that the cat will still have the energy and good nutrition to combat the flu virus.

Vitamins and supplements can also help improve the immune system and a sick cat. Consult with your veterinarian, vitamins or supplements that fit along with the dose.

Vaccination can not cure, vaccination is not 100% regular pencegahan.Vaksinasi protect cats from disease. In cats that routinely vaccinated, even though the flu is usually not severe and heal faster.

Treat your cat well, you do not need to be afraid because the cat flu is not contagious to humans!

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