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Smoking does cause disease to who consume. It can be seen from the constituent elements of the cigarettes that are destructive. For example, when the eye is exposed to cigarette smoke, for sure it feels sad. and smoking is not very good for heart health.
For smokers who are still active in the practice there are things to know that about cardiovascular. Cardiovascular is a term for diseases related to the heart and blood vessels for example, heart attack, stroke, hypertension, and others. And unfortunately, smokers have a greater risk than non-smokers. Here is a breakdown of the cardiovascular disease and its cause
Coronary Heart Attack
One of the diseases included in the Cardiovascular is heart disease. This disease is very popular among the people of indonesia. Many people who die of coronary heart Attacks. And the disease will always overshadow smokers before they quit smoking.
First of all let’s understand first how does heart disease kill humans.
A sufferer of heart disease will experience pain in the chest and could even spread to the arms. This is due to the presence of blockages in the coronary arteries. The coronary arteries are the arteries that supply blood to the heart. Blockage in the coronary arteries occurs because decay flab and white blood cells in the arteries so that fragments of fat and white blood cells settles to form blood clots. If the blood clot is large enough, the automatic will clog blood flow in the coronary artery. And this Blockage that causes heart disease.
This disease is always overshadow smokers because they consume nicotine in cigarettes. Nicotine causes blood pressure to rise so that the heart work harder. The heart is working harder will cause stiffness/hardening of the blood vessels. Automatic and the potential for severe coronary heart disease will be greater. If anyone wants more details about coronary heart disease you could click the link.
Hypertension refers to high blood pressure and the risk was death.
Smokers also have a greater chance to suffer from Hypertension than those who don’t smoke because smoking triggers heart performance to work harder.
Cerebrovascular disease is caused by damage to the blood vessels system that supplies blood to the brain. This disorder occurs because of a problem with blood pressure. And hypertension is one of the diseases that cause illness cerebovascular.
Hypertension can cause constriction of the blood vessels rupture even. Therefore, hypertension is a dangerous disease. And smokers have greater chances for infected hypertension than non-smokers. If you want to know more about hypertension, please click environment.
Peripheral Vascular
Peripheral vascular disease is a blockage of the blood vessels that occurs in the blood vessels that supply blood to the legs and arms. This blockage causes pain in the feet or hands when walking, even when we rest also can just show up. If there are signs that so then there is a possibility to place another blockage. Other blockage can occur in the brain, heart and others.
Heart Failure
Heart failure is essentially a disease caused due to heart no longer able to supply sufficient blood throughout the body. A variety of causes, including hypertension. What are the consequences if we are affected by heart failure. The result is death. Even sudden death. So, once again for the smokers, immediately stop your bad habits. Dear to your heart.
There are still a lot of cardiocascular diseases, but 4 kinds of diseases that have been mentioned above is the cardiovascular diseases that threaten smokers.

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