elletaria cardamomum – distilled from the dried ripe fruit (seeds).  Has a sweet-spicy, warming fragrance with a woody-balsamic undertone.  Has elements of  SPICIE, FRUITIE, & SEEDIE. Blends well with ROSE, ORANGE, BERGAMOT, CINNAMON, CLOVE, CARAWAY, YLANG YLANG, CEDAR, and NEROLI. Used to flavor pharmaceuticals, extensively as a fragrance in soaps and  perfumes. Flavor ingredient in curry and spice products.
CAUTIONS: Generally considered non-toxic, non-irritating. Possible sensitizer. Dilute well for topical use.

CHARACTER: “Confidence Weaver” Clarifying, Stimulating, Encouraging, Enthusiastic, Refreshing, Invigorating, Stability, Contentment
ETHERIC COLORS: Green, Blue, Gold, Pink, Violet
NUMBER:  4     
 GEMS:  Carnelian, Sugilite, Tiger Eye, Lapis Lazuli  
 CHAKRA:  1  
 ELEMENT:  Water and Air
PERFUME NOTE:  Top      
ASTROLOGICAL:  Venus; Mercury, Taurus
ENERGY TYPE:  3, 2; Warm and Dry
USED FOR THESE POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES: Clarity, Concentration, Direction, Motivation, Straightforward, Enthusiasm, Confidence, Courage, Purpose
USED FOR HEALING THESE NEGATIVE STATES:  Mental stress, Apathy, Confusion, Inflexible, Judgmental, Intolerant, Unreasonable, Burnout, Suspicion, Sluggish, Self-pity, Bewildered, Rigid
USED FOR HEALING THESE PHYSICAL STATES: Anorexia, cramps, indigestion, heartburn, vomiting, Bad breath
PROPERTIES: Aphrodisiac, expectorant, anti-catarrhal
Antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, stimulant, tonic
PERSONALITY:  Allows the spiritual to become interwoven with the physical. Can clear the mind for insights into improving our spiritual welfare.
+Strong, forthright, stimulating.  You know exactly where you are with them.
+No hidden motives. Instills inspiration in others.
+Very good leader.  Believes in fairness and justice. Good teacher.
+Wears an air of detachment as if nothing worries them.
+Financially careful, probably frugal.  Never gets into any shady deals.
+Likes to have a few pennies tucked away for impulse buys.
+Loves flattery.  Can be passionate, and love romance, possibly dreaming up crazy and exciting things to do.
+Never dull.  Leads interesting life, everything seems like an adventure.
+Can be strict with their children.  May expect them to be carbon copies of themselves.
-If negative, mostly suffers mental stress that can make them apathetic.
-Can become suspicious of everyone who tries to help.
-If steamed, they go for the jugular.

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