Hi Glenn,
Thank you for your newsletters. I always find your information up to date and interesting, and so relevant to everyday life.
I work in a gym and have a patron whose latest questions are all about products that inhibit the uptake of carbohydrates.
He has asked about white kidney bean extract – “I’m going to use it in my next cutting phase, so I’m wondering what is the best way to use it? Eat white kidney beans? Or buy a supplement/pill?”
He has also asked about the product C-plex 60 which claims to reduce carbohydrate absorption by over 80%.
I am sceptical about these products but the individual seems hell bent on trying to convince me that they are legitimate.
Many thanks,
Georgie Feakes
Thanks for your note Georgie.
Be aware that if someone has a deep belief then nothing you or I will say will make a difference.
Also be aware that anything that causes significant carbohydrate malabsorption will also cause severe gut pain, gas and diarrhea. The gut was designed to digest and absorb food. Stopping that function is unnatural and the body will react in a very uncomfortable fashion. There is no way a product will reduce carbohydrate absorption by 80%. If it did, then you would be in hospital.

Some products may cause a very small amount of carbohydrate malabsorption. There is evidence that the white kidney bean extract you mention does encourage weight loss], in the region of 1kg per month, through inhibiting some carbohydrate digestion. I would argue “Why not eat a little less instead. Cheaper, easier and probably more effective”.

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