Cancer-how to spread the cause and treatment

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An awful lot of people who’ve heard the name ills of this one. Very popular in the world because it has been widely claimed many human lives. A disease which is very famous.
Well, actually what is referred to as an Cancer? and how could he turn off? And how can I overcome?
What is referred to as Cancer?
Cancer is an event of uncontrolled cell growth in the human body. The existence of these cells could be anywhere in the human body. get inside the lungs, brain, skin, tongue and others.
The growth of these cells is highly dangerous to humans because it can interfere with the functioning of the body and kills the man. In 2007 alone there were 6.7 million people who die because of Cancer. Cancer cells can also release hormones that also interferes with the functioning of the body. In addition, these Cancer cells can be big and will damage the existing networks around them so that the sufferer could have died because of it.
How Cancer Spread?
In 2012, scientists have discovered the answer to the question how the mechanism of spread of these Cancer cells.
So, this is closely related to how these Cancer cells stick to the ditempelinya network. The scientists assert that there is a movement between the occupied and the cell network Cancer. This movement causes the cells of the Cancer which was originally closely in place originally loose and spread throughout the body and attaches it to the place of the other.
This discovery is very important because there are 90% of the patients who died because of the Cancer. The Cancer and their cells move from the place of origin to a different place at the call of metastatic Cancer. And once again there are 90% of its victims dead, and the other 10% is due to a primary or a Cancer cell does not move.
What causes cancer?
There are many things to be reasons why a person can suffer from a disease kangker. One of the reasons is the diet and living patterns. So, a person may suffer kangker due to unhealthy living patterns such as smoking, consuming a lot of ingredients that trigger kangker.
How do I overcome?
The only way is to remove or lift the kangker cells. Can be done by surgery or by means of herbs.
The operation can be done in a hospital with a particular mechanism is carried out by a doctor. And one of the herbal treatment that can be done is by way of consuming Plant Ant. In addition, consuming plant Ant can also prevent kangker disease.
Therefore, it is better we avoid smoking and any foods that contain artificial chemicals that are not good for the human-like artificial sweeteners, MSG and others.

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