Can You Overdose on A Vitamin D3 Supplement?


You can but it is like overdosing on water and you are more likely overdose on Vitamin D2 which is actually a prescription drug that has been patented by Big Pharma. You should not consuming vitamin D2 anyways as that is not the type of Vitamin D that your body needs. The following references at the end of this article bear witness to this statement. You can overdose on Vitamin D3 you would have to take very large doses for an extremely long period of time. Most people who ever died from a Vitamin D overdose died as a result of industrial accidents or extremely rare situations. This overdose usually does not lead to death and very few deaths have ever been recorded.

To prevent overdose, I give people the proper information too on what the proper dosages are needed in my special report on Vitamin D because the current recommendations are extremely too low. I recommend a Vitamin D3 supplement for the following reasons.

1. Most people are deficient in Vitamin D which has been used for 60 million years by humans and other living organisms to prevent infection and for proper cell growth. Blacks in particular are highly deficient in this disease and as a result we have higher rates of disease. Vitamin D has been shown to be highly effective for preventing all types cancers, type 2 diabetes, depression, and auto-immune diseases. Having a Vitamin D sufficiency virtually prevents the flu too. Vitamin D3 is way more effective than any herb or any other nutrient for purposes for fighting of preventing infections.
2. Most people have been programmed to be sunphobes or fear the sun because they believe the myth that the sun causes cancer and likely will not get the adequate amounts of sunlight that they need to get due to fear. Blacks have to get 10 times the amount of UV radiation (sunlight) that whites need in order to produce adequate amounts of Vitamin D for optimal health
3. Most people are covered up (with clothing) even during the sun and the spring when their chances of producing Vitamin D are actually higher which makes it more difficult to produce Vitamin D.
4. Many people live in areas of the country (the Northeast, Midwest, North California, etc) where they can produce Vitamin D only 4-6 months throughout the year.

A quality Vitamin D3 supplement is ONE practical way that all people including Blacks can dramatically improve their health. It would be great if people got enough sunlight when the UV index was suitable to the production of Vitamin D like I make an effort to do but as a health researcher, I have to meet everyone where they are.

The best way to get Vitamin D is from the sun and there is no risk of overdose whatsoever but people are not doing that in America. The sun is truly our savior and I believed this for a long time and now science has shown that the pro-hormone (Vitamin D) that our skin produces when exposed to a certain UV index (sunlight) is a powerful health promoter. But since people are not getting sunlight at the right times, the best thing they can do to take advantage of the sun’s healing energy is to at least take a high quality Vitamin D3 supplement. Vitamin D2, the pharmaceutical drug is not effective in this way and should not be taken.

My special report on Vitamin D will tell you the exact dosage that you need to take daily (the current guidelines are way too low), how to properly get adequate Vitamin D from sunlight exposure (there has to be a certain UV index to produce Vitamin D), tips on maximizing your Vitamin D production, how to cure the cold and flu with Vitamin D, and some healthy foods that have Vitamin D. This is extremely valuable information is you are looking to have optimal health and prevent disease. Order this special report, here!


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