Brighten Broccoli With Lemon and Avocado

Broccoli. Many people on the importance of healthy eating vegetation, Go lots of vegetables – broccoli to choose. There are good reasons. Broccoli Vitamin A (β-carotene), C and folic acid and calcium is a power source. It is also insoluble dietary fiber rich source of vitamins and rich in water soluble K.
Of cabbage, broccoli, stomach cancer, ovarian cancer, including prostate cancer, cruciferous family has a lower interest rate and rank (Brussels sprouts and kale, cabbage, cauliflower) is used. The study, cruciferous vegetables, liver detoxification capacity of the compounds, called sulforaphane, which protect against cancer, carcinogens, toxins and other improvements.

It is only 574 copies of broccoli one week to get the benefits of prevention of cancer. However, the formation of an active anti-cancer drugs broccoli is best for you, the enzyme myrosinase sulforaphane. The problem is many people are willing to destroy in the process of broccoli myrosinase. Broccoli 2-4 two enzymes and nutrients to protect the vegetables steamed minutes.

Broccoli as beneficial to the development of bone is touted to the heart from Qatar, the behavior of the immune system to protect only fight birth defects, such as Windows, stomach and skin from sun damage and to avoid extensive repair.

It is not to annoy the general broccoli dishes. Energy and other nutrients, has a good combination of taste and health benefits lawyer. I have broccoli, avocados, high in fiber and vitamin K dimensions, even with large doses of potassium to regulate blood pressure.

They worry fat 30 g avocado culture. Have just shown that unsaturated fats help lower cholesterol, is a great resource, do you like broccoli β-carotene, such as lawyers and broccoli, the increase in health benefits, soluble, if it’s your body’s absorption of fat, fat law suits effective. This recipe, so that your weapon is very simple :

Avocado and lemon broccoli (like 6)

    2 broccoli florets
    1 lemon
    1 tablespoon olive oil
    ¼ teaspoon sea salt complex
    Freshly ground pepper

Cut broccoli florets and steam 2-4 minutes.

Cut into small avocado, sliced.
Let the bowl, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and avocado with some drainage. And gently toss with broccoli and hot.

Have fun!

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