Breast milk and coconut oil for Acne Treatment

Breast milk and coconut oil foa Acne Treatment

A recent study has shown that breast milk extracts and coconut oil are useful in the treatment of acne that affects more than 85% of teenagers in the world …

For breast milk, a new anti acne cream, made with breast milk, may soon be commercialized. We owe this invention to US researchers, who rely on the effect of a fatty acid, lauric acid, present in the milk of mothers to fight effectively against skin problems.

This new cream would especially to prevent the arrival of small buttons at the age of puberty. It would also have a big advantage: the elements used are natural, side effects, compared to current treatments would be very limited.

for coconut oil is used in cosmetics is also called coconut oil because it is this part of the coconut oil that is extracted is freed almond nut from the shell, it the leaves dry out in the sun and then grind and extract the coconut oil.

Unlike refined oils found in conventional trade the extra virgin olive oil and Organic Culture, has an exquisite scent of coconut. It is a rich oil is extremely moisturizing, silky skin. Quickly absorbed, it leaves skin a delicate gluttony smell.

In addition to its virtues more to prove, Healing, antioxidant, fortifying hair, softening, it is very useful in the treatment of acne, according to a recent study that showed that it contains acid n-dodecanoic or lauric acid, components that are also found in the extract of breast milk and that exist in all the creams used to treat the problem. “I’m happy because I have the opportunity to develop a treatment can help patients with acne namely that the translational treatments for this disease leave unpleasant side effects such as burning in the face and her blush”. Said Dasaya Borenbatananngkol of the University of California, San Diego.

Dasaya explained that the addition of lauric acid to nano-particles prevents the production and accumulation of the acid, which allows to determine the bacteria that cause warts on the face.

Finally its high content of saturated fatty acids and its antimicrobial properties make coconut oil a rich and nourishing oil, it will be of great use in all your formulations. It prevents skin aging and the appearance of first wrinkles. It is ideal for hair care especially curly hair.

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