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brain smart plan
What true? It could be true because there are several studies suggesting that the breakfast will bring good changes in the brain so that the brain gets smarter. The brain will be growing well if getting enough nutrients intake. In 2010, researchers from the University of Tokohu, Sendai, Japan proved that the early breakfast to support brain development, especially in those parts of the brain that are essential to support the performance of learning.
The development was recorded through a brain imaging method. Breakfast increases the volume of gray matter (gray matter) cells neurons in parts of the brain involved in cognitive functions. If the gray matter that the thickened, then cells neurons can communicate and deliver and manage the information properly.
And, the speed it will be very good in support of active memory performance that played an important role in cognitive tasks that sort of complicated mathematics. In addition there are some penilitan who mentioned that the student breakfast noted score higher than the 22% who do not. The study was carried out in Swansea, Wales.
So, there are myriad reasons for breakfast and the explanation above is one of the reasons for those of you who want the brain to be intelligent.

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