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Body contouring is of huge concern to many people, old or young, fit or unfit, and the growing trend is for less invasive, low risk treatments with proven efficacy. Even as economies around the world tighten their belts, our physical waistlines are getting bigger. In Asia, there has been a steady growth in the body shaping and tightening market. While not a replacement for diet and exercise, body contouring treatments are an effective way to spot treat problem areas such as abdomen, back, hips, thighs and upper arms. Some equipment are also approved for double chin areas.

Non-invasive body contouring treatments generally work by the application of some sort of energy, such as radiofrequency (RF) or ultrasound, to disrupt or destroy fat cells that are then flushed out through the body’s waste drainage system. Results are rarely immediate as the body’s elimination process can take up to six weeks. Best results are also seen with repeated treatments, as each session is designed to target only a certain percentage of the fatty layer to prevent accidental damage to other areas of the body. Most treatments are quick, relatively painless and require no downtime, which are all factors contributing to their popularity. 
Here is a list of some of the latest treatments and modalities available, as well as a general picture of how the treatment is conducted. Bear in mind that best results are seen when used in combination with proper diet and exercise, and that results are generally modest compared to liposuction. Fat loss from these treatments are generally permanent with dietary moderation. The best canididates for non-invasive body contouring treatments are those who have a BMI less than 30, are generally fit, but with unwanted pockets of fat.

MedContour / Vaser Shape
MedContour (Vaser Shape MC1 is the name used in the US) uses external ultrasound to target cellulite and localized fatty deposits, and combines it with a massage therapy for lipo drainage and boosting the metabolism.
The machine uses two angled transducer heads to shoot two beams of modulated energy through the skin. Each beam is harmless, but when they meet, the combined energy heats up the targeted area, causing fat cells to vibrate and be destroyed. The treatment is akin to warm massage. The lymphatic massage is delivery using a separate suction applicator, and is a quick and painless adjunct to the treatment.
Typical treatment time is 60 to 90 minutes, and the treatment can be repeated every week. A minimum of four treatments are recommended to see lasting results, with up to three centimetres lost after every procedure.

vaser before and after 3
Before                                                               After

Coolsculpting by Zeltiq
Zeltiq is a US FDA-approved cryolypolisis treatment. Based on research done in the USA on the effect of cooling on fat, Coolsculpting essentially freezes the fat cells, causing them to die and be eliminated from the body.
Every session typically eliminates 20-22% of the fatty deposit and takes one hour per area. During the session a suction cup is placed over the fatty deposit, the fleshy area is vacuum suctioned into the cup and a sustained cooling procedure is applied. The actual treatment process is very comfortable, with most patients experiencing some minor discomfort when the machine is removed. Most people compare this discomfort to the feeling of pins and needles that occur when you remove your hand from a bowl of ice-cold water.
The treated area can feel numb for several days after the procedure, and a repeat treatment can be done two months later. Results are generally seen by the first month after the first treatment, with up to three treatments recommended depending on the amount of fat

Before                                                                                       After –

Zerona Laser
Zerona Laser is a cold laser is that US FDA-approved for loss of inches from the waist, hips and thighs. This technology was proven to create a pore in fat cells to drain away the fatty contents while doing no harm to the surrounding capillaries and organs. The body then removes the drained fat by the natural detoxification process. The process does not employ any heat, so discomfort levels are very minimal, and clinical studies have shown an average of 3 – 9 inches lost per six treatment cycle.
Each treatment involves a cold laser being projected onto the abdomen, hip and thigh areas for 20 minutes on the front, and 20 minutes on the back. The treatment must be repeated every 48 hours for maximum results, and a minimum of six sessions are given within a two week time frame.
A dietary supplement known as Curva is given in conjunction with the Zerona treatment to enhance the lymphatic drainage effects of the procedure.

Before                                                                                    After

UltraShape uses pulsed focus ultrasound and vacuum-assisted radio frequency technologies to target and shrink localised fat deposits for a reduced body circumference and improved body shape.
The one hour treatment involves an extensive preparation in which the target area is measured, marked and surrounding areas covered with protective sheets. During the treatment, focused pulses of ultrasound are directed all over the targeted area, and energy levels are adjusted to maximize comfort of the patient. The ultrasound pulses destroy fat cells, while selectively prevents harm to surrounding vessels, tissues and cells. After the ultrasound treatment, the vacuum radio frequency head is applied briefly to assist in the drainage of the destroyed fat.
A minimum of three treatments given two weeks apart are recommended for proper results, and an average of a 4cm circumference reduction has been demonstrated after three treatments.

ultrashape 2
Before                                                     After

LipoSonix is the newest player in the body contouring market, and employs a high-intensity focused ultrasound methodology to disrupt subcutaneous fat. This US FDA-approved treatment delivers precise and consistent thermal energy to the targeted areas, and energy levels are adjusted to suit patient needs. The advantage of this treatment is that even areas with smaller or harder fat deposits that are hard to treat with other procedures are treatable with LipoSonix.
The one hour treatment session involves positioning of the energy transducer head on marked treatment areas and a mild warmth or tingling sensation can be felt as the ultrasound waves are delivered, heating fat cells to 56 degrees celcius to ensure their destruction.
Each single procedure promises an average of a one-inch circumference loss, and full results can be seen in eight to twelve weeks after the body has had time to process and eliminate the destroyed fat.

Before                                                             After

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