Piper nigrum-distilled from the peppercorns, dried and crushed.  Has a fresh, dry-woody, warm, spicy scent.  Used in the food industry and for unusual effects in perfumery, such as with ROSE. Has been used in the East for over 4,000 years for medicinal and culinary.  Blends with FRANKINCENSE, SANDALWOOD, LAVENDER, ROSEMARY, MARJORAM, other spices.  There is also a “White pepper” from which the hulls have been removed and a “Pink Pepper” (Schinus molle) which essential oil has a sweeter character than black pepper, going well even in fruit sauces, vinaigrette’s, and desserts.

CAUTIONS:  Possible irritant; Dilute appropriately.
CHARACTER: Unabashed Motivator” Secure, Comforting, Directional, Endurance    
ETHERIC COLORS: Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Gold
ELEMENT:  Fire        
GEM:  Bloodstone, Poppy Jasper, Old Jade, Tiger Eye
ASTRO:  Aries, Mars
USED FOR THESE POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES:  Comfort, Stamina, Endurance, Motivation, Acceptance, Alertness, Grounding, Stabilizing, Assertiveness
+Considered older, sterner among the oils, but also livelier.  They may seem old for their age, whether the baby who seems thirty or the 12 yr old who acts 42.
+Will reprimand you for not having behaved correctly, particularly if you are a carefree MELISSA.  Very upright and self-righteous, and if suitable, dictatorial.
+Can be charming, trustworthy, kind, and very loyal, if they wish (and like you.)
+Can be stimulating, encouraging everyone to succeed and tend to take on responsibility for everyone in their family circle.  If female, she will be the type who has to be obeyed.
+Can be flirtatious, but more to convince themselves they can be passionate.  They are not warming in love and find it difficult to recognize true love. May go through life with a lot of lovers, perhaps trying to find once again, true love that may have been let go.
+Will tolerate anyone for the sake of appearances.
+Unabashed showoff and has to be better than everyone else at everything.
+Might adopt a holier than thou attitude.
+They are welcome in help with financial matters, at which they excel.  Good at advising on investments, taxes, law procedures, etc.
+Found in all walks of life, but prefer jobs that give power and money. Excel at being lawyers, judges, bankers, accountants, financial advisors, military life, prison services, traffic wardens.  They will never be happy unless they are in charge.
+Warms to indifference
-If negative, will blame everyone else for their emotional state and become irritable, cold, and possibly violent.
-They find it very difficult to express love, even when they feel it.
-Can be exasperating to those around them because of lack of empathy and lateral thinking.
-May blow their tops with indignation and frustration, usually over the stupidity of others.
USED FOR THESE NEGATIVE STATES:  Emotional blockage, Compulsion, Confusion, Fatigue, Indecision, Irrational, Anger, Frustration, Emotional coldness, Apathy, Mental Exhaustion
USED FOR THESE PHYSICAL STATES:  (Not considered compatible with homeopathic remedies)  Anemia, Arthritis, Muscular/Joint Pains, Fibromyalgia, Poor circulation, Sprains, Chills, Colic, Digestive upsets, Colds, Flu, Viruses.  Can be irritant in high concentration, so always dilute and use moderately.

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