Best Natural Cure For Leucorrhoea, White Vaginal Discharge


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Leucorrhoea is a heath disorder characterized by oozing out of whitish discharge from the genital part of female. Main causes contributing for leucorrhoea in women include cervicitis, trichomonal vaginitis and monilial vaginitis. Severity of this health disorder varies from one person to another. Yellow color discharge with severe itching is a common symptom shown by women suffering from leucorrhoea. Coming out of whitish discharge depicts the abnormal functioning of reproductive organs. Depending upon the severity of cause, duration of leucorrhoea or whites may be temporary or persisting. Chronic leucorrhoea trouble may induce several health risks on patients like constipation, irritation, black patches under eyes, lethargy and frequent headaches. Healthy lifestyle plays a key role in preventing the risk of leucorrhoea troubles. Let’s see some among the best cures used to treat leucorrhea problem in females.

Intake of nutritive diet is a natural cure for leucorrhoea or white vaginal discharge. This helps in minimizing the risk of fatigue problems due to chronic leucorrhoea troubles. Patients suffering from this health disorder are advised to intake detoxification diet for flushing out toxins from body. Following lemon cleansing diet purifies blood cells and improves the energy level of person. Most of the health practitioners recommends for including a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in patient’s diet. Some among the best recommended food items for leucorrhoea include onions, okra, cranberries, lemons and oranges. Regular exercise is another natural cure suggested to cure leucorrhoea problem in women. Practicing exercises improves blood circulation, strengthen immune system of body and oxygenates body cells to achieve immense energy.

Restful sleep is a safe cure for treating leucorrhoea problems in women. Having good sleep during night hours prevents the risk of nervous disorders like stress, depression and anxiety. It calms down nerve cells and promotes the production of cellular energy. Fenugreek seed is an effective cure used for the treatment of leucorrhoea. Patients can use this herbal cure both internally as tea and externally as douche. Douche of fenugreek seed acts as a perfect home remedy for treating leucorrhoea troubles. Amaranth root is another safe home remedy for preventing the risk of leucorrhoea. Those females troubling from chronic white discharge are advised to drink a cup of amaranth root juice daily in the morning and in the evening.

Walnut leaf is an effective herbal remedy used for the treatment of leucorrhoea troubles. It has been used for centuries for the treatment of skin problems and infections. Presence of astringent ingredients in walnut leaves fights against germs and prevents the risk of infection in genitals. Apart from curing infections, walnut leaves are also used for treating other health risks like acne, eczema, cancer, allergies and excessive sweating. Similar to walnut leaves, tender leaves of guava is another herbal cure for leucorrhoea. Douche made by the infusion of guava leaves acts as a powerful astringent and cures infection. Patients are advised to avoid tea, coffee and forms of white sugar from their diet. Mango seed, lady’s finger, bananas and coriander seeds are other home remedies for white vaginal discharge.

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