Benefits of Olive Oil and Almond in Beauty Treatments


Natural herbs for herbal beauty is the chemical ingredients are minimal, the source comes from nature and not the result of a laboratory or factory made.

In fact many modern beauty care products that can be replaced by multiple role of natural ingredients for personal care.

Alternative herbal ingredients into today’s society because in addition to more secure safe, as well as properties that are not less good than modern medicine pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry results.

In addition, there are some shortcomings compared with the use of chemical products of natural herbal extracts, namely quality chemical products, the cost tends to be more expensive and the percentage content of natural herbal extracts very little of the actual composition.

Well, this time discussing be more specific about the content and benefits of olive oil and almond in beauty treatments.

Olive oil and almond oil, known as essential oils, it is widely used in a variety of treatments and beauty treatments such as:

Treatment of Acne

Natural facial treatments for acne include the use of pure essential oils are astringent and antiseptic, skin lightening mixed with oil and applied minor skin problems. The content can be obtained from olive oil and almonds.

Treatment of Varicose

Herbal essential oils can constrict blood vessels, strengthens blood vessel walls, reduces inflammation and has a tonic effect on varicose veins and gradually improve overall health.

Cellulite Reduction

Using essential oils to help get rid of cellulite and improving overall skin tone. Use essential oils in the bath because the oil may work by osmosis.

Hair Care

Essential oils can also be used to stimulate hair growth and scalp health. Many products are made commercially leaving the remainder (residue) on the hair so the hair appears dull. Items are usually available over the counter may contain harmful toxins like phthalates hair health.

Facial Care

Natural oils make the skin shiny, glowing and healthy naturally. In addition, the use of essential oils without additives, chemicals or synthetic perfumes. Natural herbs can help slow down the appearance of wrinkles and frown lines on the skin.

Deodorant / Perfume

Hydrosols or a few drops of essential oil makes a good balance and provide a fragrant perfume. By using essential oils, you can avoid chemicals and no less effective than deodorants on the market.

Natural Skin Care

Vegetables, nuts and oil seeds have many uses which acts as a carrier for the application of aromatherapy essential oils, healthy menu, and as a base for making your homemade cosmetics.

Use of essential oils extracted from olives and almonds are kretif ideas at home. In addition, this course will replace utilization and reduce costs in purchasing modern cosmetic or medicinal chemistry at the drug store beauty.

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