Benefits of Fruit Soursop To Treat Cancer


We often see Soursop fruit that tastes a bit sour but tasty, and it turns out there are several benefits of soursop fruit that has not been in the know corpulent man, and one of them is to treat cancer, and according to studies that found cancer in addition to other benefits of soursop fruit is to treat tumors, where we know that the two diseases are diseases that ranked first in the world causes of death,

Soursop plant has a latin name Annona muricata L of fresh fruit with a sweet sour taste that many vitamins. in addition to a healthful fruit soursop, soursop leaves also can be utilized to block cancer
Soursop fruit consists of 67.5 percent pulp, 20 percent of the fruit skin, fruit seeds 8.5 percent and 4 percent of the core pieces.

After water, contain the most nutrients in the soursop is carbohydrates. One type of carbohydrate on soursop fruit is a reducing sugar (glucose and fructose) with levels of 81.9 to 93.6 per cent of the total sugar content.

Soursop fruit contains very little fat (0.3 g/100 g), so it is good for health. Sour taste in soursop derived from non-volatile organic acids, particularly malic acid, citric acid, and the acid isositrat.

Vitamins are the most dominant in soursop fruit is vitamin C, which is about 20 mg per 100 grams of fruit flesh. Requirement of vitamin C per person per day (ie 60 mg), have been met only by consuming 300 grams of meat soursop fruit.

The content of vitamin C is high enough on soursop is an excellent antioxidant to increase endurance and slow the aging process (stay young). and is one of the benefits of soursop fruit that we can take.

Minerals which are dominant enough phosphorus and calcium, respectively by 27 and 14 mg/100 g. Both minerals are essential for the formation of bone mass, so it is useful to form strong bones and prevent osteoporosis.

In addition to nutritional components, soursop fruit is also very rich in non-nutritional components. One of them is to contain a lot of fiber (dietary fiber), which reached 3.3 g / 100 g of fruit flesh.

Consumption of 100 g of fruit flesh can meet 13 percent of dietary fiber a day. Soursop fruit is a fruit that is rich in phytochemical compounds, so as to ensure that the fruits are very beneficial to health.

Some researchers at the Health Sciences Institute stated that fruit soursop gives effect anti-tumor / cancer is very strong, and medically proven to cure all types of cancer.

In addition to cure cancer, soursop fruit also acts as an antibacterial, antifungal (fungi), effective against various types of parasites / worms, lowering high blood pressure, depression, stress, and normalize the nervous system that are less good.

Health Sciences Research Institute are taken by Indian tribes living habits that live in the Amazon jungle. Some parts of the tree such as bark, roots, leaves, fruit and seeds, over the centuries into a cure for the Indians. Graviola or soursop believed to cure heart disease, asthma, liver problems (liver) and rheumatism.

Information usefulness and efficacy of soursop fruit is not only able to tell because there are provisions of federal law, in which natural resources found for banned drugs or can not be patented before it found synthetic elements.

Halted in 1976, another name graviola soursop fruit has proved to be a killer of cancer cells in the extraordinary trials conducted by 20 different independent laboratories and conducted under the supervision of the National Cancer Institute.

In a study published by the Journal of Natural Products stated that studies conducted by the Catholic University in South Korea, said that one of the chemical elements contained in graviola or soursop fruit, able to select, discriminate and kill colon cancer cells with 10,000 times more potent than adriamycin and chemo therapy!

The most striking discovery from this study is the Catholic University: graviola can choose evil and kills only cancer cells, while healthy cells are not touched or disturbed.

Benefits of Soursop fruit is not like chemo therapy who can not distinguish between cancer cells and healthy cells, the reproductive cells (such as stomach and hair) were killed out by the chemo therapy, causing negative effects as nausea and hair loss.

Studies at Purdue University show that graviola leaf can effectively kill cancer cells, particularly cancer cells: prostate, pancreas, and lungs.

Efficacy Soursop Fruit

  1. Attacking cancer cells with naturally safe and effective, without nausea, weight loss, hair loss, as happened in chemo therapy.
  2. Protecting the immune system and prevent deadly infections.
  3. Increased energy and improved physical appearance.
  4. Effectively selecting the target and kill the bad cells from 12 different types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung, and pancreas.
  5. Power works 10,000 times stronger in slowing the growth of cancer cells compared with adriamycin and chemo therapy is commonly used.
  6. Unlike chemo therapy, juice only selectively hunt down and kill the bad cells and not harm or kill healthy cells.

On top of a wide range of benefits for treating cancer soursop fruit, wait for my other articles on the efficacy of soursop fruit is yes, may be useful

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