Benefits of Beef Bone Marrow


Benefits of Beef Bone Marrow

  • Beef Marrow efficacy to boost immunity and endurance
  • Beef Marrow benefits can accelerate the healing process of the patient injury / fracture, some doctors recommend to consume processed beef marrow
  • To improve brain function and intelligence of children
  • Can maintain bones and teeth
  • To prevent and treat osteoporosis

Ingredients Beef Bone Marrow also have a high enough nutrients, such as


Beef cattle are ruminants, meaning they chew their cud to get the most nutritional value out of every bite of food they eat. Bone marrow contains 51 g of fat per 3 1/2-oz.

According to the study, metabolic in Health and Disease “fatty acid deficiency causes scaly skin, dermatitis, impaired wound healing and slow growth. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids regulate blood clotting, immune system response and inflammation.


Bone marrow contains 7g of protein per 3 1/2-oz. Protein prevent osteoporosis when combined with calcium and D. low protein diet decreases the efficiency of vitamin intestine and cause failure to absorb enough calcium. Beef bone marrow provides protein and calcium together, as long as you boil the bones with acidified liquid, such as water mixed with lemon juice, wine or vinegar, to help the release of calcium from the bone matrix.


Bone consists of 70 percent hydroxyapatite, formed of calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, calcium fluoride, calcium hydroxide and citric, according to Fiona Petchey, coordinator of the Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory, University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand. In addition to preventing osteoporosis, calcium work together with potassium, sodium and magnesium to control heart function and blood pressure.

Additionally Bone Marrow Beef also contains iron (480.7 mg) and fostor (3.1 mg). therefore, bone marrow cow consumes a certain amount of it efficacious for body

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