Benefits of Avocado Seed


Benefits of Avocado seeds than fruit and leaves apparently Benefits Avocado seeds are also useful for some diseases, such as avocado seeds benefits for treatment can be used to treat toothache, Avocado Seed Benefit for Gastric and diabetes, here are some benefits of Avocado Seed

Benefits of Avocado Seeds for Ulcer

For you or your family member suffering from an ulcer and was treated everywhere but not yet healed try the following recipe

  • Rinse and seed avocado using boiled water
  • Grated avocado seed
  • Combine 100 CC water boiled with grated avocado seed was
  • then Filter
  • then drinking juice avocado seeds morning and evening until healed

Avocado Seed Benefits for Diabetes Mellitus

  • Avocado seeds to taste
  • 2 cups water
  • Take the avocado seeds and roasted on the fire
  • After it was cut into small pieces
  • Then boiled until the water becomes brown
  • Once cool, strain and drink
  • Perform routine until healing began to be felt

or also in the following way

  • Thinly sliced avocado seed
  • Sliced avocado seeds to dry 
  • Sliced avocado seeds are dry roasted
  • Sliced avocado seeds that have been roasted blend until smooth
  • Enter avocado seed powder to the skin capsule that can be purchased in pharmacies
  • Drinking an avocado seed capsules once daily

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