Benefits and Efficacy of Dates For Health


Dates are not only used as a delicious Iftar menu, besides being Prophets Sunnah breaking the fast with dates, dates turned out to contain many benefits and is good for the health benefits you know. Just now, we are somewhat rare to find a date in the market but at the supermarket fruit and dates remain available even if not the month of fasting.

Benefits and Efficacy of Dates fruit:
1. Tamr (dried dates) serves to strengthen the intestinal cells and may help expedite the urinary tract because it contains fibers in charge of controlling the rate of bowel movements and strengthen the uterus, especially when giving birth.

Recent research states that fruit ruthab (wet dates) has the effect of controlling the rate of movement of the uterus and increase the period systolenya (contraction of the heart when blood is pumped into the arteries). In fact Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala commanded Maryam bint Imran to take a date when it will bear, because the glut of palm fruit also makes a slightly increased uterine contractions regularly, so Mary gave birth to her easily. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala says. “And goyangkanlah kearahmu base of the palm, tree: It will undoubtedly ripe dates to you, so eat, drink and have warned you. If you see a man, say, ‘Indeed I have fasted for Rabb bernadzar Most Gracious, so I will not speak to any human being this day “[Maryam: 25-26]

Al-Hafiz Ibn Kathir rahimahullah brought the word ‘Amr ibn Maimun in his commentary: “There is nothing better for postpartum women except wet dry dates and dates”

Doctor Muhammad An-Nasimi in his book, Ath-Tibb an-Nabawy Ilmil wal Hadith (II/293-294) said, “Lessons learned from this noble verse in medicine is that pregnant women who give birth was in dire need of drinks and foods that are rich be elements of sugar, it is because of the contraction of the muscles of the uterus when a baby will issue, even more so if it takes a long time. The content of sugar and vitamin B1 is helpful to control the rate of movement of the uterus and increase the period sistolenya (contraction of the heart when dippompa blood into the arteries). And both elements are contained in ruthab (wet dates). Ruthab sugar content in very easy to digest quickly by the body “

Maturity dates are very rich in calcium and iron elements. Therefore, it is highly recommended for women who are pregnant and about to give birth, even Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala commanded Maryam Al-Adzra (virgin) to eat while being postpartum (after delivery). The iron and calcium contained ripe palm fruit is sufficient and necessary in the formation of breast milk. Levels of iron and calcium contained palm fruit can replace the power is depleted mothers during childbirth or breastfeeding. Iron and calcium merpuakan two effective and important element for the growth of the baby. The reason is, these two elements is the most influential in the formation of blood and bone marrow.

2. Ruthab (wet dates) prevent bleeding for women during labor and accelerate the process of positioning the womb as usual before the next pregnancy. This is because fresh dates contained oxytocine hormone-like hormone that can help the process kalahiran.

Oxytocine hormone is a hormone that helps one of its functions when women or female animals giving birth and breastfeeding.

3. Facilitate the delivery and assist the safety of the mother and baby.

4. Cells calming nerves. Dates, both tamr and ruthab can calm nerve cells through its effects on the thyroid. Therefore, doctors recommend to give a few dates in the morning to the children and the elderly, in order to better mental state.

5. Stewed dates to smoothen the urinary tract.

6. Dates can be used as a tool Ajwah ruqyah and prevent interference jin.

7. Dates are highly recommended as a meal to break the fast. There are things that have been defined in the field of medicine that the sugar and the water is the first people need to hold fast after a period of eating and drinking. Reduced glucose (glucose) in the body can cause constriction of the chest and disorders of the bones. On the other hand, less water can weaken and reduce endurance. This is different from the fasted immediately fill his stomach with food and drink when breaking. And it takes three hours or more so that digestion can absorb these sugars. Therefore, people who eat food and drink when fasting can still feel the phenomenon of weakness and disorder-physical disturbance due to lack of sugars and water.

8. Dates to prevent stroke

9. Palm fruit is rich in mineral substances that neutralize the acid salts, such as calcium and potassium. Dates are the best foods to neutralize existing acid in the stomach due to leave the rest are able to neutralize the acid after chewed and digested arising from protein such as fish and eggs.

10. Palm fruit contains vitamin A which is good where he can maintain eye moisture and foresight, strengthen vision, bone growth, fat metabolism, immunity to infection, skin health and soothe nerve cells.

11. Dates are the fruit, food, medicines, drinks as well as sweets.

Subhanallah. The beauty of islam correctly, How Allah Rahman and uterus, and as evidence Rahmatan lil ‘alaminn, Anyone who takes a date indiscriminately will get the same benefits, and for a Muslim to eat Dates and worship to GOD Almighty intended diseertai intention imitate the Prophet SAW in addition to healthy of course rewarding.  Allahu ‘alam

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