A specific remedy for backache                     Tellurium                     10M     Every 2 hours  2
Backache from overexertion                           Arnica montana           30        Every 2 hours  8
With restlessness and sleeplessness
Backache from uterine affections                   Actea racemosa           30        Every 2 hours  8
Backache in pregnant woman
Sense of weakness in the back                        Kali carb.                     200      Every 6 hours  4
Intense neuralgic backache                             Variolinum                  200      Every 8 hours  2
Backache with oxalates in urine                     Oxalic acid                  200      Every 4 hours  4
Backache with scanty urine                            Terebinth                     30        Every 2 hours  8
Backache with piles               
Due to straining by sacro iliac
 by hard work
Better from standing                                       Aesculus hip.               30        Every 2 hours  8
Dull pressure, sticking and tearing
 across loins and urinary passages      
Worse by motion                                             Colchicum                   30        Every 2 hours  8
Backache as  from fatigue
Violent pain in  sacro-lumbar region
Slightest movement may cause
 vomiting and cold clammy sweat
Sensation of heavy weight at coccyx,
 dragging downward all the time                    Antimonium tartaricum           200      Every 6 hours              4
From dry cold wind
Pain sharp or as if sprained
Pain excited by touch
The part is very sensitive                                 Aconitum napellus                  30        Every 1 hour   8
Backache from renal stones
and due to urinary troubles
Pain radiates in all directions
 with numbness
Backache with numbness
 during menses
Stiffness in back
Pain worse during sitting or lying,
In the morning on awakening                         Berberis vulgaris                     Q         10 drops in water every 2 hours            8
Stitches and stiffness in small of back
Worse from slightest motion and
 changes of weather
Better by pressure and hard pressure              Bryonia alb                              30        Every 2 hours  8
From damp wet weather
Pain in small of back as after
 stooping a long time                                       Dulcamara                               30        Every 2 hours  8
Backache due to nerve injury                         Hypericum per.                       200      Every 4 hours              6
Backache due to excessive
indulgence in sex                                            Symphytum                             30        Every 4 hours              8
Pain in back in paroxysms
Cutting through loins
Extends to groins
Pain in coccyx and sacrum
 extending up and down
Great difficulty in walking                             Kali bichromicum                    3X       Every 4 hours  8
Backache in lumbar region
Must sit up, cannot turn in bed
Pain as if beaten
Backache in chilly and constipated
 patients who lead a sedentary life
Worse 3 to 4 a.m, motion                                Nux vomica                             30        Every 2 hours  8
Backache from sprain, exposure to
 cold weather or getting wet
in rains or over lifting etc
Pain and stiffness in small of back
Worse at rest or on first movement
Better from motion or lying on
something hard                                               Rhus toxicodendron               30        Every 2 hours  8
Lumbago alternating with headache               Aloe socotrina                         30        Every 2 hours  8
From dry cold
Worse on the approach of storms                   Rhododendron                                    30        Every 2 hours  8
Pain back and sacrum
Worse while sitting                                         Cobaltum                                30        Every 2 hours  8
Pain all over the back
Better from pressure
and lying on back
Lumbago worse morning
 before rising                                                   Ruta graveolens                      30        Every 2 hours  8

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