Diabetes herbal remedies

More and more people are suffering from this silent killer nowadays. If we look at the data from last 30 years, the incidence has increased 4 times. This clearly indicates the relation of diabetes to our lifestyle. In our 15 years of clinical practice and experience, we have seen that there is a deep relation of thoughts, anxiety, stress with the onset and control of diabetes particularly Type II.

According to Ayurveda (traditional healthcare system of India), there are 20 pre diabetic conditions when the full fledged state of Diabetes can be avoided. There are total 20 types of “Prameha” (pre-diabetic conditions) which ultimately leads to “Madumeha” (Diabetes) if not controlled in time.

There are certain signs of pre-diabetic conditions like increased frequency of urine, heavy urine, dirty urine, smelly frothy urine, fatigue, and lethargy, sticky saliva in mouth, bad breath, and bad smell in sweat and so on. Once these symptoms of pre-diabetes are not controlled, the overt symptoms of diabetes are visible.

These are the major symptoms of Diabetes
·       Increased Thirst
·       Increased appetite – Feeling of eating all the time
·       Loss of Weight
·       Dry Mouth
·       Fatigue, Tiredness
·       Muscle aches and pains
·       Calf Myalgia
How things works in case of OBESE DIABETIC – 

The sugar levels in our body are controlled by hormones called Insulin and Glucagon. If our body cells need energy, they get it from the food we eat. The pancreas secretes insulin, which opens up the channels of the cells and cells burn calories (Glucose). If the Insulin is not able to open up the channels (insulin resistance- due to obesity, fat deposits around cells), then the glucose stays in the blood. The glucose levels are elevated in the blood. The cells die out of starvation and lack of energy and the blood sugar levels remain high.

When there is no obesity

In this case, the Beta cells of the pancreas, stop producing Insulin. There is not enough insulin and the blood sugar levels remain high.
Ayurvedic treatment of Diabetes

Many patients take modern drugs to keep sugar levels in control but the diabetes in not in control. There are many factors like diet, stress, anxiety which play the role. We suggest you to keep your anxiety levels low and add up or replace the modern drugs with Ayurvedic herbs. The Ayurvedic medicines can be taken alone or along with modern drugs to keep sugar levels in control. These herbal formulations do not have any side effects and help to stop fluctuation in the sugar levels.

The effective combination to treat Diabetes effectively

Although we have mentioned various herbal supplements and Diabetes Care Combo Pack here to effectively manage diabetes but there are many patients who may need individual products only. Individual products can also be chosen by patients to keep their sugar levels in control. The combo pack however is more effective in case the sugar levels are too high.

There is a Diabetic Neuropathy Pack also which helps to take care of the complications of Diabetes like diabetic neuropathy. This package is particularly recommended for patients who are have problems like nerve weakness, tingling sensation in arms, fingers or legs, feet, toes. Patients having general weakness, sexual weakness, erectile dysfunction due to diabetes respond very well to this Diabetic neuropathy care package.


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This combo pack contains 4 supplements which are used by various Ayurvedic experts since centuries. The combination works in a synergistic manner to keep fluctuating sugar levels in control. All herbs are 100 % organic, purely natural without any side effects. The Fenugreek, Bittermelon standardized extract pills are wonderful to bring sugar levels back to normal. There is a classical product called Madhumehantak Churna. It is made from herbs in use from 3000 BC for Diabetes.

These are described in ancient texts of Ayurveda – The herbs are   
Pterocarpus marsupium, Salacia chinensis, Aegle marmelos, Gymnema sylvestrae, Azadirachta indica, Berberis aristata, Ocimum sanctum, Periwinkle, Amla and so on. The herbs are all well researched and several scientific papers on all these herbs are published in various respectable journals of medicine. More information about the combo pack can be read at – http://www.planetayurveda.com/madhumehantak-churna.htm
How to use various herbs in Diabetes Care Package
1.   Cap. Bittermelon – 2 twice daily 
2.   Cap. Fenugreek – 2 twice daily
3.   Cap. Diabeta Plus -2 twice daily
4.   Madhumehantak Churna – 1 teaspoonful (3-6 grams) , 1 hr before meals, mixed with 40 ml of water.

All supplements # 1 to # 3 can be taken along with the Madhumehantak Churna.  Or 1  hour after meals


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The above mentioned prices are for international buyers. People who are from India can buy these diabetes herbal supplements at Indian prices from  – www.alwaysayurveda.com 
This is a wonderful combination to treat weakness of the nerves. Ashwagandha, Shilajit and Chanderprabha Vati are the favorite of Ayurvedic experts for recommending in case of numbness, tingling sensation, sexual weakness and so on. These are very useful in treatment of weakness of any type related to nerves. These help to rejuvenate nerves and provide them nutrition, energy and improve their functionality. This particular combo pack is also very effective in treatment of erectile dysfunction in men due to nerve weakness of diabetic neuropathy. This does not mean that it’s not good for women. This is not affecting the hormones but nourishing the nerves. So women are equally benefited in case of neuropathy.

Patients in India can directly check our Indian website – www.alwaysayurveda.com for buying these herbal supplements for diabetes in India 

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