Ayurveda embraces all types of treatment. Almost every health problem in the world can be removed from the body and the body was brought back to health with the help of Ayurvedic treatments. In this fast paced world, Ayurveda pace seems rather slow. However, for all the abuse we give our bodies over the years, a few weeks in one year may not be much, if we can restore our body to its balanced state.

“Prana” is a term for “life energy” flowing through our veins. It is believed that most of the fuel is taken into public prana in various stages of digestion. Those foods that release energy in the upper body are helpful for some people, and foods that release energy in the stomach or colon can be useful for other species. Again, it is through experience and practice to practice ayurveda doshas determines the type we have in our body the proper foods to be beneficial.

In Ayurveda different people with the same disease sometimes receive different diet and herbal planove.Ustav, imbalance, and various shades of developing the disease in each individual must be studied to determine the nature of the imbalance of vata, pitta, kapha, or for that disease. Also, two people receive the same advice can have two very distinct and different health problems.

allowing the body to heal itself, we set the stage for a stronger immune system so that when / if we get another, more serious infections, the body will be ready for it. However, if we take a commercial cough suppressant syrups and anti-Biotics, it can only weaken the natural defenses, leaving the immune system is weakened for future onset of disease.

Ayurveda also outlines the food depending on how it cools or heats the body. Sweet, bitter and pungent foods are considered to be cooling. Hot, pungent and salty foods are believed to be warming. These two types of food affect your body, the pre-digestion and after digestion of the country in different ways. Studying the effects of herbs and spices, like all foods, Ayurvedic doctors implicitly may indicate to those that cause problems, as well as those that are beneficial for all of us.

our genes, our temperament, philosophy of life, spirituality, experiences, emotions, injuries, lessons from life, teachers, spouses, children, our friends and family, all combine to make us the people we danas.Majka with two children never treat them both the same way. She always thinks of their history, their likes and dislikes, their age and their mood before attempting to advise them anything. Both may have the same symptoms, but they can watch who’s more lethargic and not eating well when compared with other child who may be out of luck playing with friends.

Similarly, when a person has health problems, the best option is to explore ways in which he / she feels and thinks and emotes. In practice, Ayurveda gets a good deal of information from a person even before practitioners to consult a doctor or a book with a diagnosis for that person.

Remember that Ayurvedic medicine to discourage the habit of snacking. They believe that the stomach and digestive organs need time to digest the food well and send it through the intestines. Eat until the food is digested is a big no-no in Ayurveda. If you are really hungry between meals, fruit juice should be fine. Also, taking Ayurvedic medicines (or any other herbal medicine) is wise to keep stimulants such as coffee, tea, chocolate, cola, etc. to a minimum. It is believed to reduce the effectiveness of herbal medicines. Besides herbs and caplets are available online, there are Ayurvedic centers where people can use a variety of treatments.

The types of treatments available for customers are:

1 Panchakarma This includes synchronized oil massage, sweat therapy herbs, personal assessment and evaluation, and other therapies to eliminate the latent doshas and toxins

2 Kizhi

This is a treatment using warm oils and herbs tied in bundles of cloth. These packages are pressed and pounded on the patient’s body to allow the body to release pent-up stress and latent issues that may be holding back the immune system. This massage can be performed using the heel of the hand, fingers and palms with a therapist / coach.

3 Pizhichil

This treatment is used for rheumatic diseases, general weakness, sexual problems, etc. Again, warm medicated oil is squeezed over the body to allow maximum opuštanje.Cijelo body feels the energy and alive after this therapy

4 Shirodhara

Medicated milk (or oil) is poured on the forehead continuously uses specialized equipment that sways to the rhythm provides a gentle, soothing atmosphere. This therapy works to strengthen your mind so you can relax and get rid of anxiety, depression, fatigue, etc.

5 Sirovasthy (or Shirobasthy)

This procedure begins with the therapist tying a belt around the head covering so that profound and that medicated oil is izlio.Duboke and a little heavy feeling of warm oil on your head triggers a change in your thought process and treat any head injury, as well.

6 Vashpaswedanam

This treatment removes impurities, including fat from your body. Many skin disorders are disappearing with the process of healing steam which passes over the body.

7 Nasya

medicated oil poured through the nostrils in order to force the head, nose and throat. This treatment is believed to improve the endocrine system, reduce stress on the head, neck and jaw and tooth pain and other ailments.

There are many more procedures that are available in various clinics throughout svijeta.Cijene can be steep for therapies that use rare herbs and oils. Some of these therapies require multiple participants and many specialized products and aparata.Cijene for these treatments vary widely.

Many of these procedures are performed for more than one condition. Most massages are meant to calm the mind, body energy, activate blood circulation and eliminate stress cause ozdravljenje.Lijekom oils do their part in hastening the healing as well.

It is believed that for each year of self-abuse or poor health, we need at least one month Ayurvedic treatment. Many people stay in these treatment centers (called “Aushadashala” or medical facility), while experiencing a treatment.

Ayurvedic shops usually stock a variety of herbs and spices for personal use. If you are familiar with the plants and know that it helps you, by all means get the plant and use it. However, it is advisable not to self-medicate. As we mentioned before, these plants are designed specifically meet the requirements of certain types of personalities. Unless you are Ayurvedic medicine, it is best left to the diagnosis and treatment professionals.

Some of the popular herbs and their uses are:

Ashwaganda – Calms the mind and reduces stress and anxiety. It also helps us sleep better.

Arjuna – helps the heart work better. It rejuvenates and helps strengthen the immune system.

Guggul – This magical plant reduces triglyceride levels fast! It is also believed to reduce cholesterol numbers as well.

Haritaki -. As a mild laxative and anti-viral drug to help with hemorrhoids and bleeding gums

Coffee – reduces anxiety and insomnia

crown – Reduces blood pressure and helps with menopause


Sage -. This plant is known worldwide as a digestive aid, diuretic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory support

Basil – This is a wonderful herb that is unmatched medicinal qualities. One article mentions fifteen different applications for these plants. It helps with fevers, colds, respiratory illnesses, heart problems, kidney problems, mouth infections, insect bites, dental disorders, headaches and many more!

As the above list of plants, we have not even touched 1/100th of natural resources that we use for our health. With each of the magical plants, there are combinations of two or three of them (eg Triphala – three fruits). What is even more enhanced features in the treatment of

has studied Ayurveda for thousands of years. And we are still finding new plants in the rainforest each year. As you can see, the science of treatment is not bounded by time or udaljenost.Svemir is always there to help those in need of medication.

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