Aspartame – Is It Safe?

Aspartame. Since the FDA approved this chemical as an artificial sweetener in 1974, millions of claims have been made using this drug is really dangerous for your health. While the FDA maintains its initial findings of safety research in 2010, the Food Standards Agency in the United Kingdom began its own investigation of aspartame side effects and safety of the product.

Aspartame is commonly known as NutraSweet or equal to, and replaces table sugar, but do not get all the carbohydrates and calories in the table. A 180 times sweeter than table sugar, for many thought that this substance was the silver bullet able to eat sweets without the side effects of extra weight gain. But given what we have is quite a variety of adverse effects, the extra weight to get a small problem seems to have.

Aspartame has three components: 10% methanol (toxic), 50% and 40% aspartic acid, phenylalanine. When it comes to your body, aspartame breaks down into amino acids, methanol and other chemicals. Methanol is absorbed into the blood and formaldehyde. Yes, formaldehyde, a chemical used to embalm the bodies are. Formaldehyde was determined that the cause of the effect of the damage over time on the nervous, immune and genetic damage that is irreversible. But even with this knowledge, the FDA refuses to recognize the loss of this substance.

Side effects of aspartame include:

• Dizziness

• Depression

• Memory problems

• panic attacks

• migraine or tension

• Seizures

• Hives

If you have a product that contains aspartame, and have one or more symptoms are the best way is not using these products immediately. Symptoms should fade over time, but in the long term damage is irreversible.

Aspartame is found in many unexpected foods, including mints, diet drinks, breakfast cereals, chewing gum, juices, candy, nutrition bars, sugar, gelatin, yogurt, and dozens of other foods. Not only is aspartame used in foods, but also in numerous pharmaceutical products, particularly products to find, especially for children.

In Europe, banned aspartame in products of all children, but the United States, the FDA refuses to recognize the potential long-term damage can be confirmed by the chemical. Pharmaceutical products containing aspartame, are cold and allergies Dimetap Acetiminophen chewable vitamins children chewable chewable Equate (animal shapes), vitamins, Centrum Jr, Pediacare, children and Tylenol. There is no doubt about the popularity of sugar substitutes. Unfortunately, the dangers of aspartame are high and long-term problems far outweigh any benefit. Aspartame.

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