arthritis disease symptoms and causes

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arthritis disease treatment
arthritis disease definition
arthritis disease process Arthritis is pain that occurs on one or all of the joints. Arthritis usually occur in the elderly or seniors, but did not close the possibility if the person without any experience it is still young.
Arthritis is a disease is not too serious or needed intensive treatment and handling, but the pain and the perceived the dull pain sufferer this can interfere with them at all times so that the work or activity a day-the day went by when disturbed. To that end, joint radamg also need handling and treatment so as not to continue seriously. Arthritis that is composed of several types of arthritis, Osteoarthritis or ankylosing Spondylitis, joint pain (pain that is especially the case in the joints of the spine and pelvis, Psoariatik Arthritis and gout.
Early symptoms of arthritis:
Swelling of joints
The stiffness of joints
Restriction of movement
Pain or dull pain in the joints
Causes of arthritis:
Hereditary factors
Obesity or overweight
Excessive acid in the body
Hormonal changes
Weather changes

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