Anti Aging Vitamins – Maintain the Glow

Anyone whose age is bordering the late twenties will be worried about effects of aging process, especially women. So what exactly are the effects of aging? Wrinkles, coloured spots on the skin, pigmentation, dry skin, etc are all the effects. The reason for the appearance of these signs is that, as a person ages the capacity of the cells to repair itself reduces. So based on the ratio of the damage to the cells and the rate of repair, determines how much these aging signs are seen on someone and the age at which it begins to show.

Now the catch is the process of aging cannot be stopped, but it can be delayed. The delay in the appearance of the signs of aging can be achieved by taking proper care of the health in general. Taking in balanced diet and exercising daily and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an important factor in this regard.

When it comes to food, vitamins play a very important role in delaying the signs of aging. As some of the vitamins are also antioxidant in nature, they are very good at breaking down the free radicals, which are the by-products of metabolic activities in the body. These free radicals do more damage to the cells; hence speeds up the aging. Vitamin A is very good for the health of the cells and skin. It is found in food items like orange and yellow fruits and vegetables, liver, some fish, etc. Vitamin B3 (niacin) is another vitamin that helps in the health of the tissues.

They maintain the elasticity of the tissues hence delays sagging of the skin. They are found in nuts, pulses, milk, whole grains, etc. Vitamin C also helps to maintain the health of the skin and prevent wrinkles from developing. All citrus fruits are very good sources of this vitamin. Vitamin D is also known to delay the process to a certain extent. So, taking in enough sunlight, along with milk, eggs, pulses and nuts, helps in this regard. Vitamin E and K are also antioxidants. They take care of the free radicals and the health of the cells and tissues. Nuts, fishes, pulses, etc are good sources of these vitamins.

Regular exercising is very important as they keep the muscles moving and active; hence prevent them from sagging. A toned body is very important to look young. These are the main reasons why some people look younger than they actually are. It is indeed a huge compliment to be able to maintain their body so well. Along with balanced diet and exercising, it is also important to look after the skin by regularly cleaning it, exfoliating and scrubbing and moisturizing it. This is so because all the UV radiation, pollution and stress play vital role in damaging the cells and indirectly speeding up the appearance of the signs of aging. It is not possible to stop the aging process as it is natural and gradual, but definitely one can delay it.

Anti aging vitamins are truly important when it comes to fighting the aging process. They are an easy source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help prevent cell damage and revitalize the body by boosting metabolism and cell growth.
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