Anti Aging Techniques For Young Adults


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The term Anti Aging means different things to different people and also depends on your age and to some degree is governed by fashion and culture.

To a 50 year old woman it may mean “I want to reduce my wrinkles”. To a 21 year old girl it may mean “How can I keep my skin like this for the next 15 years?” To a 30 year old man it may mean “How can I keep my current fitness for the
next 30 years?”

This article is aimed at a particular group of people you are interested in anti aging, mainly 20 to 30 year olds. If you are in another group or have some other interest in anti aging you may like to visit my web site


The signs of aging can be caused by many things. Some of the top reasons are listed below.

Sunlight: To much sun bathing will cause wrinkles.
Chemicals in cosmetics: Use organic.
Cigarette smoke.


It’s a fact that we are going to grow old, and with that we will being to show our age. But there are certain things that we can do to slow and reduce the signs of aging. There are four main categories that can help prevent the signs of aging.

Being on a good healthy diet goes a long way to slow down the aging process. You need to limit your calorie intake.
Your Doctor or Physician will be able to tell you what your proper intake should be for your particular age and health. As part of your diet you should ensure that it is balanced and consists of the following.

Fresh fruits including berries.
Vegetables, contain antioxidants.
Cut down on fast foods.

Your fitness level will also determine how the natural aging process affects you.
Make sure that you include some of the following in your
weekly schedule.

Fitness training.
Stretching the body.


There are many vitamins that you can take to supplement your normal diet. But, as always you must consult with your Doctor before starting to take any supplement, this is due to the fact that everyone’s health state is different and you may get ill if you suddenly start taking supplements.

Here is a list of vitamins that you might like to consider:

Vitamin A
Helps to reduce wrinkles.

Vitamin C
Helps produce collagen.

Vitamin E
This strengthens your immune system.

Conzyme Q10
This is an antioxidant which helps protect the skin.


Creams can be used as an anti-aging technique.
Ensure that you follow a regular skin care routine.
Make sure than you are cleansing your face effectively.
Make use of herbal creams

Please note: I am not a Doctor or Physician. This article is for informational purposes only. No anti-aging technique can be guaranteed to stop the signs of aging. You must consult with your Doctor or Physician before altering your diet or taking supplements.

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