Amazing Potato Benefits For Beauty Beside Benefits For Health

Although potatoes have a bad reputation for some people, because it is regarded as food for weight gain. But apparently, the potato has health benefits is also beneficial for beauty. Potato itself is rich in vitamin B6, which helps prevent heart attacks. Vitamin B6 is considered low homocysteine which is the root of degenerative diseases in the body. In addition, potatoes are a great source of vitamin C that is capable of combating the spread of the virus, maintaining dental health, helping the development of bones and digestion, as well as play a role in the process of blood cell formation. Not only that, vitamin C also helps in wound healing, improve skin elasticity and fight stress.
As a natural source of vitamin D, the potato helps build healthy bones, protect the nerves, heart, build a good mood, as well as keeping the thyroid gland in the body. Another potato nutrition are rich in iron, which are crucial in the production of red riding cells, leukocytes, also helps boost immunity and metabolism. Potatoes, contain magnesium which is an anti-stress mineral and essential for blood, bones, muscles and arteries healthy.
Potatoes are a good source of potassium. Potassium is then responsible in regulating the heart rate signal, the nerves, reduce swelling, and protect the kidneys. Of the many benefits to the health of potatoes that have been found, potatoes are also a natural source of sugar that serves as a natural energy booster without causing weight gain. The levels of carotenoid contained in this potato serves to strengthen eyesight and prevent cancer.
In addition to the health benefits of potatoes above, a dermatologist said that, eating potatoes in the form of juice good for skin health. Potatoes are good antioxidants, including polyphenols naturally. This substance helps the function of cells and reduce inflammation. Usefulness can get to the skin. Fresh vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C is high and this is good for skin health.
Potatoes also have vitamin B6 which helps process amino acids, so they can make the skin taut. But this is not all potatoes, avoid potatoes green or small. So that the juice does not taste bland can put lemon juice to help flavor. Not only for the skin, the potato juice for beauty also help with irritation, ulcers, dry skin and scars etched on the skin. However, fried potatoes do not have properties, for all the vitamins lost due to be processed.
Processing potatoes, preferably boiled rather than fried. To make it more delicious, boiled and cut into pieces, mix potatoes with chopped celery leaves, cilantro, or onions. Another way is to make mashed potatoes. Once boiled and peeled, mash potatoes, can add a little butter or a little milk to make it more delicious. For your lunch, be accompanied by chicken barbeque and raw food salad.

Amazong potatoes benefits for beauty

1. Reduce dark circles on the eyes: Apply potato juice or extract under the eyes with the help of a cotton ball. Let stand for about 20 minutes before rinsing with cold water. Do it at least twice a week. Potato itself is a natural coolant, thus very useful in fade dark circles.
2. Reduce black spots: Potato able to whiten skin naturally. Some people even use potatoes as a mask maker. Apply juice or grated potatoes in the face to reduce dark spots, prevent wrinkles and make skin glow in a healthy way.
3. Prevent gray hair: Next poyayo benefits for beauty is preventing gray hair. To obtain these benefits, skin boil the potatoes in water, then strain. Use this water for the last rinse after shampooing. Do it on a regular basis, and we will see the results through the reduction of gray hair.
4. Preventing premature aging: Mix the grated potatoes in yoghurt for facial mask which serves to hydrate the skin and prevent wrinkles. We can also mix the grated potatoes with olive oil and apply on the skin with a massage. It helps prevent wrinkles and fine lines that will appear on the skin.
5. Maintain dry hair: To get the benefits of potatoes for beauty, we can mix the grated potatoes with aloe vera before it is applied to the hair and scalp. Potato itself is rich in protein, phosphorus, vitamin A, B, C, as well as many essential minerals that can make the hair healthy and shiny.

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