Alert, Faster Teens Smoker Dies


WE can see on the streets or in certain places, many adolescents who have smoked cigarettes. Social conditions allowing them to smoke cigarettes. In fact, teens who smoke cigarettes at risk of dying from heart disease.

People who have started smoking in their early teens, would be used to continue smoking. In fact, the earlier they start smoking, the sooner they can also die from cigarette smoking. They risk death two times faster than the people who smoke in adulthood, according to a reported Healthmeup.

In one study, there are approximately 28,000 active male smokers were studied, 10,000 of whom started smoking since his teens. And almost half of the participants died during the study follow-up at age 53 years.

Dr. Michael Siegel of the Boston University School of Public Healt said, “For those who want to quit smoking, have a good effect on their health,” said Dr. Michael. The good news, there are approximately three percent of smokers quit each year.

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