Adult Acne – The Best And Most Effective Cures


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Adult acne has lots of sources but it is rarely a welcome development. In some cases you may have severe scarring that requires the help of a dermatologist. Most of the time, however, over the counter treatments or home remedies are all you need to cure your problem. Keep reading to learn some of the best ways to cure adult acne.

A natural cure for adult acne that is worth looking into is aloe vera gel, a solution that comes from a tropical plant in the family of succulents. Aloe vera can be found in many over-the-counter skin care products and is very effective as a moisturizer. However, when you suffer from acne, it is best to look for pure aloe vera which is a lot more powerful and can help remove dead skin and kills the bacteria that is responsible for acne.

If you are able to, try to get some pieces of an actual aloe vera plant, cut those pieces open and rub your face with them. If you don’t have access to a plant, you can get similar (but not entirely the same) results from products that contain pure aloe vera. You will get all sorts of extra benefits by also drinking aloe vera juice because this can really help your skin as well as the insides of your body.

One of the most powerful natural remedies for acne is tea tree oil. This is a natural substance you can buy in many stores or online, but it’s at least as effective as many acne medications that you can get with a prescription. Tea tree oil is full of anti-bacterial properties that will keep pimples from forming. The effective ingredient in tea tree oil is called terpinen-4-ol, which kills the bacteria that causes acne to form on your skin. Tea tree oil can sometimes cause skin irritations when you use it for a long time or if your skin is sensitive so use it with caution. One incredibly effective way to fight acne is to mix some tea tree oil into another acne remedy, a skin conditioner or an aloe vera gel.

If you have a severe adult acne problem, the best plan is to see a dermatologist. While you have all sorts of at home treatments and over the counter remedies to take care of the problem, these options aren’t always enough. The doctor will examine you and then give you a prescription for the medication that is best for your specific condition. During your visit your dermatologist can also remove your pimples. Sure you could perform this yourself at home with a good pair of tweezers but it is better and more effective to have it done by a trained professional who has good equipment and a better level of expertise. Their instruments are sterilized so there is lower risk of infection. Aside from this, the doctor could recommend you try other things like laser treatments.

Very often, the best way to treat adult acne is to use a variety of measures. Watching your diet, eliminating junk food, taking vitamin and mineral supplements, using effective over the counter acne medications (or something prescription strength) are all good. You might also want to make yourself a face mask from some simple ingredients. Adult acne issues can be cleared up by any one of these remedies.

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