Active Fx Laser Acne Scar Removal


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One of the acne scar removal treatments with laser is called Active FX laser acne scar removal. This treatment has been used with great success to treat other problems such as facial lines, wrinkles and hyper pigmentation.

This type of laser treatment utilizes fractional laser that allows a selective skin tissue targeting, unlike other acne scar treatments such as the microdermabrasion, wherein bleeding may occur in the course of procedure.

Active FX laser acne scar removal treatment may cause a little discomfort and pain if not done properly. Dermatologists sought to local anesthesia to numb the skin, but there are other simple and practical ways to alleviate the pain by simply using cold air on the skin to numb the area. After this kind of laser treatment patient should expect 7 days is the average healing recovery. A few more days is expected to full recovery depending on patient’s case.

To begin the Active FX peel, anesthetic creams are lathered on the patient’s face. Oral pain medication is advised at times to help with the pain a patient may experience. Generally, the most discomfort a patient would feel is a minor hot sensation in the target area.

The Active FX laser renders almost identical results to the more intense and longer-recovery chemical and full-laser peels, except that it is supposed to take not more than five days to recover, allowing folks to return to their busy lifestyles faster.

The procedure is intended to slough off micro-layers of dead skin to reveal the younger-looking skin below. The argument goes that afterward, the appearance of fine lines is greatly reduced, and that the results last for at least a couple of years if not more.

The costs of Active FX laser acne scar removal therapy vary according to each center and clinic offering it. The cost approximately ranges from 00 00 in general. You can get exact pricing by contacting your nearest acne scar removal center with this technology.

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