Acne Treatment-Four Recent Developments


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In years past, the treatment for acne was usually just soap and water, limiting fats and cover up makeup. Today, you can find acne treatment that prevents the outbreaks.

As more information about the condition of acne is known and understood, there have been new developments in acne treatment. Part of the understanding is realizing and debunking some of the myths surrounding acne. For example, acne is not caused by oily foods or by eating chocolate. It is also not a signal that the individual is careless about their personal hygiene, although the cause of acne is not fully understood, even now, it is believed to be related to hormone levels, particularly in adolescent acne. Therefore, treatments that help to control the level of hormones in the body are particularly promising as an acne remedy.

Hormone Treatment

An acne treatment that makes use of hormone control is a fairly recent development. Although the exact connection is not totally understood yet, it is believed that fluctuations in hormones are directly related to increased production of sebum. If the sebum is in hyper mode, it may increase the chance of blockage of the pockets at the base of the follicles. Combinations of dead skin cells, sebum, and normal skin bacteria may combine to form a blackhead. The dark color of the area is due to a change in pigmentation rather than from dirt. By controlling the hormone production, there is less likelihood of increased sebum production with related chance for blockage.

Light Treatment

A type of high-density light known as blue light has been FDA approved as an acne treatment. The treatment relies on the light killing the P. acnes bacteria that normally grows on the skin surface. It is only when these bacteria get into the opening of the skin where the sebum is pooled that the blockage and swelling can occur. By sitting in front of this blue light equipment in weekly sessions of about 15 minutes, many sufferers experience improvement in the number and severity of the acne blemishes.

Laser Treatment

If your adolescent or adult acne has resulted in scars and pits, you can be assured of significant improvement in appearance by using one of the cosmetic surgery methods that help to smooth the skin. Acne treatment using a laser can be as simple as reshaping the surface of the skin to even out the hills and valleys. Laser treatment is more precise than the treatment known as dermabrasion. The latter takes off an entire level of skin sells, while laser treatment is intended to remove specific unsightly scar tissue.

Nutritional Factors

Nutritional factors used in acne treatment are more a process of what has been learned about myths than about true factors. For example, chocolate doesn’t cause acne. Fatty foods do not cause acne. However, it is certain that eating nutritionally sound meals in moderation will lead to better health in every organ of the body, including the skin. Add adequate intake of drinking water and you just might avoid acne. Take advantage of the benefits of fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet so you can enjoy excellent health.

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