Acne Causes – 4 Common Misconceptions

Acne is pervasive among adolescents and adults in America. The big issue however, is not acne itself. Western medicine is excellent when it comes to fixing bodily injury, but usually only sees the tip of the iceberg when it comes to disease, and has a tendency to attack the symptom and not the cause, oftentimes letting a big problem grow out of sight and out of mind until it is too late.

Given the excess of processed, unnatural foods that we eat, that is low in nutrition, highly damaging and even preventing our bodies from absorbing what little nutrients we get, it’s no surprise that we’re unhealthy, obese and acne-ridden. Pimply facial skin is our body’s way of telling us it needs help, and is a sign of long-term damage that may be happening from within.

Some pervasive misconceptions that we are taught by pharmaceutical companies and popular belief include:

    “Acne is genetic!” – This is misleading! It’s not the skin symptoms that are necessarily genetic, it’s the type and severity of the reaction our body has to the toxic stuff we eat that is genetic. There is nothing wrong with your genes, they are just doing their job.

    “It’s caused by stress.” – While stress causes a lot of health problems, and young people and adults alike have plenty of it at times, it is not the one underlying cause of acne.

    “Acne can be solved by regular washing, facial scrubs and/or prescription treatments.” – How convenient! You can buy a product that will temporarily remove those pimply, inflamed bumps from your face that also brings along a whole host of side effects, such as dry, peeling, painful red skin. Some pharmaceutical treatments designed to “fix” the problem have a nasty side effect: Depression.

    “There is no cure.” – There is a bit of truth in this, but it is misleading once more. Pimples are not the disease itself, but rather a symptom of a more pervasive underlying cause: Poor nutrition, hormonal imbalance caused by inability to absorb vitamins and toxic accumulation, and/or possible food allergy. The surface symptoms can be “cured” but the underlying problem can go on unchecked.

Given all of these major issues surrounding such a potentially disfiguring skin disorder such as acne, combined with the myriad of unhelpful, misleading snake-oil-type solutions out there offered by the pharmaceutical companies who are only out there for our money first and well-being second, it’s hard to know where to turn in order to find a solution that truly works. Fortunately for us, there are just as many free natural solutions out there on the web, and a few great paid systems that work for those who need a little help getting out of that rut and into a new life with clear skin.

Article Source: Albert Hemlock

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