Anemia is a condition of falling levels of red blood cells or hemoglobin in the blood are normal in women about 12 mg / dl and 14 mg / dl for men. Reduced red blood cells are very harmful to the body because of the red blood cells function as a means of transportation of nutrients and oxygen needed tissues.

Reduced red blood cells may occur due to certain circumstances such as bleeding, red blood cell disorders, decreased intake of nutrients, especially iron, and others.

Are Symptoms of Anemia?

Early symptoms of iron deficiency anemia are as follows:

1. Weakness tired
2. Less Energy
3. Less Appetite
4. Declining Concentration Power
5. headache
6. Often the view dizzy especially sitting down then standing
7. Petals Eyes, Face, Lips and Fingertips usually pale

How to Prevent Anemia disease?

Prevention is best before the anemia, that is by keeping your body enough iron for red blood cell formation.

Iron is contained in many foods, to find foods that contain lots of iron you should read the following article:


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