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Here is the Big Questions?

What causes Acne and Is it a Mystery?

There are so many oil secreting glands all over your body that are usually located near the root of each hair follicle. These glands secrete oil to keep the skin from becoming dry.

Due to various factors, an imbalance occurs that causes these glands to over secrete oil that usually results in acne. These overactive oil glands are usually caused by hormonal imbalances that occur during adolescence, which usually increases the sensitivity of the skin.

It is assumed that acne is caused by eating too many oily foods, chocolates and even exposure to dirt and outdoor pollution. Though these factors could play a role in getting acne, they play only the secondary part.

It’s the hormonal acne imbalance that increases the activity of oil glands that makes your skin sensitive to these factors.

Apart from hormonal imbalance, acne can also be caused by some other factors like heredity, skin cells clogging over the oil glands or pores, bacteria that take residence in oil pores (causes pimples).

Is a Natural acne treatment the cure?

Sometimes these bacteria can go deeper and worsen the condition by forming puss and if this puss is meddled with or broken, it can spread the infection causing cysts, called cystic acne, which can leave behind permanent scars.

Another cause of acne could be dandruff. Severe dandruff can cause the infection to spread the skin on your back and shoulders if not treated immediately. This has also been a known cause of acne and pimples.

How can we cure acne?

Since there is no one specific cause for acne, there is no permanent cure for it.Although a lot of acne medications are available, both natural acne remedies using homemade cures and pharmaceutical products that have been found helpful in reducing acne and keeping them under control.

Are all acne treatments equal?

The home made as well as chemical medications may not necessarily work for everyone. It depends on your skin, how sensitive it is and if it is due to hormonal imbalance or bacterial infection that you got acne in the first place.

It is always better to check for hormonal imbalance and dandruff before trying out the many acne cures that you can find online.

It is better to consult your dermatologist than starting your own acne treatment because a dermatologist will be able to examine the cause for your acne better.

Acne problem goes way back in time; there are many natural ways that have been found over time for natural acne treatment. Many home remedies are available and with the convenience of the internet, so many of these remedies can be found online.

Apart from natural acne treatment using homemade remedies, a lot of pharmaceutical products are available that aid in controlling acne and keep them from giving you scars.

There is one important thing you should remember when you want help with acne. Do not pinch or meddle with it, or cause any kind of pressure on or near your acne because it will definitely aggravate the condition.

Scrubbing excessively can also aggravate your acne. So just remember not to touch, pinch or scrub your skin near the acne as it will just aggravate your condition more.

Acne has no boundary as both young and old can have problems that’s why it’s important to find the right solution for your particular skin.

Receive help from troubling skin conditions with the best acne products and treatments.

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