9 The health benefits of orgasms


Besides sex, orgasm also brings many health benefits for the body you know! What is it? Check out his review as quoted by the Huffington Post following.

According to Dr. Jennifer Berman from UCLA, orgasm increases circulation, especially to pump blood to the intimate. So vital area you will be healthier thanks to an orgasm.

Form of exercise

Although orgasm can not be directly referred to as a replacement for exercise, but an orgasm is a form of exercise that is good for cardiovascular health. For heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate can be increased so that the whole can make the body more fit.

Improve mood

Sedah sad? Fuck it with friends and achieve your orgasm. Because orgasm causes the body to produce the hormone endorphin, dopamine and oxytocin that are improving mood.

Sleep more soundly

Fatigue and stress make sleep soundly. The easy way around that is to orgasm. Because according to the survey, 30 percent of 1,800 women admitted utilize orgasm if you want to sleep more soundly.

Good for the brain
In addition to maintaining a healthy heart, healthy brain also makes the orgasms always. How can that be? Because when orgasm, more oxygen is pumped to the brain so that the performance of these organs is increasing.

Natural medicine
Some experienced pain, such as migraine or menstrual pain, can be overcome with orgasms and without taking medicine. Because orgasm helps the body blood circulation that may trigger a migraine or pain when you are menstruating.

Relieves stress
The hormone is definitely help you relieve stress after reaching orgasm. But sexual activity that makes you focus on one thing only too influential in reducing the stress that you experience.

Body shine
The hormone DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is produced by the body after you orgasm indirectly make your skin healthy and glowing.

Emotional Health

Finally, orgasm also provide health benefits for you. That is, you will be more confident about yourself so that you also become more prudent when making decisions.

That the various health benefits of orgasm. Even so, do not just obsessed with achieving orgasm when having sex. Because sex itself can also provide many health benefits for the body.

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