8 Benefits of Cucumber Fruit What You Need to Know


Cucumber fruit or commonly known as familiar cucumber easily found everywhere. Good and fresh as an aperitif, accompanying food, even to be eaten immediately. Apparently behind the freshness of cucumber, a lot of you know the health benefits for up to beauty.

What are the benefits?

 1. Drug thrush 
Cucumbers prove beneficial to relieve canker sores. By eating every day in considerable numbers, undoubtedly the fruit that gives a sense of cool in the oral cavity is able to reduce the “heat” sprue.Heyne K Voderman in his book, Tijdschr v Geneeskundigen Inl 1895, witnessing sprue sufferers who seek treatment to Europe with the results useless. In fact, they become anemic. But eventually recover completely after each day eating cucumber nine for a few months while on a strict diet to milk, eggs, and wine.

2. Skin care and facial 

Treatment with fruits have been considered relatively safe for healthy skin and hair. Beauty treatments like this better than using cosmetic products generally contain chemicals.Another advantage, this treatment can be done at home in times of leisure. Cucumber is suitable for all skin types. Water content refreshes skin. How to wear it is very easy. Place slices of cucumber on your face for a while, then rub gently on the face and neck.

3. Facial Cleanser 

For facial cleansers and toners, masks use a mixture of chopped cucumber and yoghurt. This mixture is believed suitable for all skin types. Remember, choose fruits that matches your skin type in order to get a fresh face brightened as desired.

4. Streamlining the urine and lowers high blood pressure. 

Cucumber juice is one of the best medicine diuretic and also lowers high blood pressure. Besides vegetables are delicious eaten raw as well as healthful. 

5. Eyes are often tired and sleepy
 Paste the cucumber slices for the eyes of every three minutes for 20 minutes on the eyelid to address often tired and sleepy.

6. Acne Medication 

Take a grain cucumber, sliced ​​to taste as needed. Glue on the face, especially areas with acne.

7. Drug fever 

Take two or three cucumber seeds. Grate and squeeze the water. Paste the grated fruit in the abdomen. Repeat until the fever subsided.

8. Cucumbers are rich in silicon and fluorine and low calorie content. 

Potassium helps stimulate the kidneys to remove waste products and fatty deposits. Good for dry skin, sunburn, eczema, liver disorders, as well as for healthy hair and nails. Use as a paste to treat insect bites, itching due to plants, and sunburned skin.

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